I’ve had a case with the CSA since 2005 and I’ve never received regular payments

June 27, 2013

I do hope you can help, I have had a case with the CSA since 2005/6 and have NEVER recieved any regular payments from my childs father, the excuse always given when i have contacted the CSA is that they cannot find him or have no record of him working, the only payments i have ever recieved have been a measly £5 a week taken from his job seekers allowance.

i have contaced the CSA several times with no result i have spoken to i dont know how many people never been able to have just one constant person assigned to my case so every time i have to spend ages telling the whole story from the very beginning the last contact i had with them was around 2 years ago when they informed me that the next step was a doorstep collection and was given the Name Margaret Grey and told to keep in touch with her after leaving it for a few weeks i called again and asked to speak to the afroe mentioned only to be told that they had no record of this person.

I have also in the past recieved letters from the CSA asking for infromation on who does my childs laundry, pays for toothpaste, clothes etc needless to say they didnt get very nice responses to their enquiry i sent the letter back with the answer “I pay for my child” written on it and telling them if they had any further enquires that they were to contact me directly needless to say I again had no response from them. my child is now 9 and i brought ths case to them when my child was 2/3 years of age and they have never managed to bring about a satisfactory resolution to it I am now finding it very difficult to be able to support my family finacilly and feel that i am just wasting further amounts of money calling the CSA.

my current partner pays for his child who lives seperatly from us and having that amount of money taken from us and not having it replaced by the father of MY child leaves us short every month i dont know what else i can do to try and get money from my childs father and i am really hoping that you can help thankyou for your time.


  • chris jones says:

    if they dont know where he is etc how comes they take £5 a week from jsa? that is only by law wat you are entittled too. its also based on his income so if he gets a job on minimum wage it wont cover wat your partner pays if thats the reason you want csa cash thats unfair, maybe your ex wont work cos they will attack him screw him over rip him apart put him in arrears and make it not worth working. yeah dads should support the kids but just think how usless the csa are to you, imagine how bad they would be too him. only vindictive money grabbers use the csa so they can have control over the ex and his money they are not the anwer and even if they collect 200 a month from him you may only see 50, so your both screwed, the csa may take from your new partner and make it hard for you but why take from your ex and make it hard for his new family if he has one? the csa dont care about the kids its about targets and bonuses to them. they dont care you and your new partner struggle whilst his ex gets your dosh so y do the same. yeah he should help but it should be means tested but it aint. the csa will also make it worse for you and ex and tear you apart, they probably do collect money from him, they are not a real goverment dept but a bunch of scum bags try using a solicitor or a private agreement rarther than this usless bunch of no hopers

  • karen says:

    Ignore this, as its total rubbish, people have to go to the CSA when all else fails its not through choice. Name calling is not the solution to the problem. Its gets you nowhere. You wont be able to get the advice you need on here, but if you want to join the facebook groups child support agencies failings you will get advice from others . . . without nastiness, name calling, good luck.

  • Sally says:

    @ Karen – you should try practicing what you preach…. you were the one who came on to this website calling people idiots!!! YOU are equally nasty…..

    Chris jones opinion is not total rubbish….. as you pointed out on another post both the PWC and NRP’s are victims of the CSA and all chris is doing is giving an example….

    the CSA staff do get bonuses when targets are met, this has been admitted by CSA staff on this website – again chris’s information is NOT rubbish…

    The CSA will make it hard for the OP and her partner… again chris’s information is NOT rubbish…

    I think you just like to come on here to cause trouble and that’s not what OP’s need…. there are decent PWC’s and NRP’s who would do anything for their kids… equally there are terrible PWC’s (who put money before their kids wellbeing) and NRP’s (who will do anything to avoid paying ANY money for their kids)… can I suggest you learn to read and tell the difference before you post childish comments on posts….

    You are bitter and it shows…. some NRP’s are equally bitter and respond with emotions… all you are doing is judging them for something you, yourself do….

    i’m starting to wonder if you are ‘Chall/Alice’ re-incarnated……

  • Lisa says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of CSAhell, took me 10 yrs+ to get anything from my ex, i did my own leg work and did the calling to them, in the end got that annoyed with the whole farce i ended up with a private arrangment, CSA does NOT work for anybody and the sooner the place closes down the better it will be for all

  • Lisa says:

    @ Karen, you make yourself sound like a bully, nobody wants to join a group full of bitter twisted women who are told to drag there ex to the criminal compliance unit, its not all about the money, what about the kids who are stuck in the middle of the shit, the CSA doesnt work and never will, at least lets give some proper help to these people instead of giving them false hope

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