I’ve contacted the CSA numerous times with no luck

November 22, 2013

I was receiving money from an ex-partner until 2 months ago. I have contacted the agency numerous times and left meggases for the case worker to return my call but with no success. This is very disappointing as I could have really done with the extra cash for christmas. I would like someone to contact me with the current position of my claim. Thank you.


  • jo says:

    This isn’t the csa….your best bet is to ring them and see what is happening, could be that your ex has had a change of circumstances or csa holding onto your money!

  • terry says:

    what about the nrp’s that are screwed relentlessly by this vermin and are on breadline because of greedy a pwc who sees the ex as just an income and the kids as cash cows. what about his xmas? will he have one ? We could all do with extra cash at Christmas but not all so lucky to have an ex to milk for it. Not saying fathers shouldn’t support their kids but the way this vermin treat us and the attitude of a lot of mothers makes me sick. what were you hoping to spend his money on…his kid/s I hope and nothing but his kid/s

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