I’ve built up £7,000 in arrears due to them not dealing with my circumstance changes

February 10, 2014

Just had a call from CSA Complaints Resolution Team, they had been refered after I sent an email to my MP.

They have checked my case and I have built up nearly £7000 in arrears due to the CSA not changing my payments after I had advised them of circumstance changes. The complaints Team have said the outstanding amount is correct and I will need to pay and additional £39 per week on top of my existing £8.83 (I am on the old scheme) When I suggested that I would be willing to pay a total of £106.83 to continue at least after my daughter (haven’t seen for 10 years) finishes full time education, they dismissed this and threatened that they could take 40% of my net pay!!

Awaiting for the letter back from them before I go further


  • John says:

    It is true that these feckless idiots can take 40% of your income. However, in view of the FACT that you notified them of a change of circumstances, and in view of the FACT that it is THEIR mistake, I would go back to your M.P. and insist that you can only afford £106.83, which you believe is fair and reasonable, given your circumstances.

    Ask your M.P. to make a complaint on your behalf to the PHSO, Parliamentary Ombudsman regarding an unfair and unrealistic demand. I would also ask your M.P. to re-calculate the ‘alleged’ debt, as we all know, the CSA are lying thieves, and it may be the have made mistakes on purpose to sc-ew you for more money.

    Get everything in writing as evidence, don’t speak to them by phone. If need be threaten to go to a solicitor for advice and make sure that they know you mean business.

    Good luck!

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