I’ve been waiting for years so I gave up on the CSA

December 23, 2013

I have not received any payments from my ex for years. Every time the CSA got in touch with him (which wasn’t many) he would just ignore them.

Eventually after many months they got in touch with him he gave up his job so then didn’t have to pay anything. He’d then move onto another job and the same thing would happen again, months to get in touch with him then he’d leave his job.

Our daughter then decided she did not want to see him any more, her decision not mine. So then not having any contact with him at all I never know if he’s working or not so I’ve given up completely with the CSA.

I’ve not rang them for a couple of years now and they never chase him up. Why can’t they check his tax records to see if he’s working or not and be able to just contact his employer and take the money out of his wages? I’m owed a few thousand but I’m sure I’ll never see it.


  • CSA warrior says:

    Its a shame.

    Your story is exactly why the CSA is an abhorrent organisation. It does not do what it was intended to do. Your not happy hes not happy and your daughters not happy.

    How about encourage your daughter to see him and you suggest to him that you will forget the arrears if he pays you direct.

    No man wants to be bullied by the CSA they take 40 percent of whatever money he has worked for. most cant afford that.

    negotiating an affordable amount may resolve the rift.

    Good luck though Your not alone in this

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