I’ve been trying to trace my son’s dad for 12 years but the CSA don’t want to know

April 14, 2013

The CSA is a joke. I’ve been trying to trace my son’s dad now for 12 years. I gave them plenty of addresses but they do nothing about it. He owes about 66,000 in maintenance money.

They say they have sent special people to trace him but still no joy. Heard he’s now living it up in cyprus but they still do nothing to help you. If i was on the dole they would not be taking this long to trace him. It is a total shame, why have the CSA at all when they do nothing to help you. All you get from them is a bunch of lies.


  • wilf says:

    Elaine:- Have you told the CSA that your ex is in Cyprus?
    As the NRP is no longer habitually resident in the UK the case should be closed pending collection of any arrears accrued while the NRP was resident in the UK.

  • brett says:

    NRP’s that are elusive, the CSA spend minimum time and effort trying to locate them.
    Its all about figures to them and being able to justify their existence. Their far too busy making up ficticious arrears and generally hounding the NRP’s already trapped in their corrupt system.

  • karen says:

    You have to do bother posting on here about if you are a PWC trying to get money as you see the low lives you have to put up with above! Its too biased on here now as no one is policing it to stop the bullies.

    Join the facebook groups child support agencies failings for advice and support, good luck.

  • brett says:

    Karen, shame no one is policing the bullying CSA. They just do as they wish, totally messing decent people’s lives up.

  • haha says:

    Sorry Naomi but you only want to Accept the rules when it suits you.

    The rules say if he lives abroad, he is not liable. Just give it up lady, and accept that in this case the man has won this battle.

    Sarah if your dad was a millionaire, and your mum was poor perhaps you should have gone to live with him, and spent some time getting to know him instead of buying your mums pathetic lies. He left your mum – not you probably because from the sound of it, she was dragging him down and he didn’t need a lead weight around his ankles.

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