I’ve been trying to sort this out since March

June 21, 2013

My son was born July 2012 and things have been flakey with his Dad. We now haven’t heard from him since October 2012. The last payment we received was in Jan 2013 but nothing since.

They informed me that my ex had left his job and therefore could not claim benefits. After hearing nothing for a month or so my friend saw the ex signing on in the local job centre so I rang CSA and informed them that he is in fact claiming. they CONFIRMED that he was and would get back to me with calculation. another month goes by with no contact and I notice on a social networking site that he had moved and was now working so again I rang CSA who took the info and would get back to me.

I have called them back now since end March trying to sort it out and all they say is there is a blip in system preventing them from updating but its being sorted…. It is now mid June and I have just rung them again to be told that nothing has been done since I last rang beginning of june but she can tell me its not a ‘positive pause’ and that it needs to be followed up. What does this mean???


  • Lisa says:

    That means that your another statistic using an agency who.will rob the absent.parent blind, cause trouble for you, im.assuming its only the money you so desperatly need, why not talk to the father, no access should mean no cash simples

  • Adrian says:

    Well said Angela. Basically your entitled to £5 a week why he was signing on. There not the fastest if morons the csa. They like to build arrears up and sting the nrp
    This will then either push him to the limits so he quits his job and hence your back to £5 a week. I would not ring the csa. I would put everything in writing. You need that paper trail. A phone call can be hard to trace and denied A letter can not. And don’t listen to the other 2 idiots that commented. It’s clear you have a new born baby. And every nrp whether woman or man should contribute. The reasons it didn’t work for you and your partner are nothing to do with anyone else.
    Hope it works out for you and good luck

  • Sue says:

    I think certain people on here use this site just to make nasty comments Duncan smith also called my friend skank think he has serious problem s maybe mental issue s one would think !!! Good luck with CSa they do usually sort it in the mothers favour after all we deserve it !! One good bit of advise it worked for my mate ring CSa and tell them you want to make a formal complaint and speak with a supervisor it worked for my mate they dealt with a problem she had had for a year with them messing .. Good luck take no notice of the rude plonkers on here ..

  • Jay says:

    Well I wish you the very best of luck, but the harsh reality is that the CSA are incompetent and I hope I never have to deal with an organisation like it again. Please don’t build your hopes up. I am a year ahead of you and still nothing has been done

    I can only recommend that you contact the independent case examiner and, as someone said before, keep written records of everything. Following that, contact your local MP who should be able to help.

    At the end of the day you have a son to cherish. Things could be a lot worse – you could be living with an bitter and twisted idiot called Duncan Smith.

  • karen says:

    When are you lot going to get the help you so need with your nasty and evil comments, would you say things like that to or in front of your own children? Go and get help.

    Victoria ignore these – you will get some people on here who will have good advice but unfortunately you get the other morons too.

    Join the facebook group child support agencies failings for advice and support.

  • victoris says:

    Im not a skank nor a money grabber. I have contacted the father then had to go to solicitors. I have tried every avenue for him to see his son but its not good enough. We decided to have this child by mutual agreement but then things went wrong. Thanks to those who gave productive advice, ill certainly try the complaint route and facebook too. Thanks again

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