I’ve been told to pay £5k in 15 days – is this legal?

November 28, 2013

i have arrears of 9k plus a charge on my property which has 3 separate names on land registry. the judge has said pay 5k in 15 days and the rest on dd, is this legal?? thankyou


  • bob says:


    If there are other names on a property they CANNOT put a charging order on it, only a restriction. Have a look on moneysavingexpert.

    If there is a charging order on property you are NOT obliged to pay anything from any form of equity. This is a fact and one the legal system has ignored and or hoped you would pay out of fear. Good luck

  • cas says:

    Why is it all u hear on these sites about the absent parent being wronged Lets Remeber the Kids that are wronged …..
    My child Father walked out when he was 2 and he never Looked back and never paid a Penny and he is now 15 and im still trying to get my arrears ….. So all u absent Parents who dont pay Wake Up ….. I think u should all be Charged with Child Neglect cause if it was the Parent with care who didnt feed cloth and keep this child safe we would be Charged so stick that in your pipes and smoke At enough of all u Low Life Absent Parents what ever the case child still deserves to Care for

  • terry scott says:

    Cas fuck off! Exactly the bollox attitude PR crap we hear. Try tell a NRP who had his life ripped up and fininacially broke.

    twat – cas

  • sean gfg says:

    very bad comment as all cases are not the same, my ex ran off with another fella then it turned out she was pregnant. 1 in 6 chance it being mine and it was so paid under a court order, when csa took over they wanted £56 a week out of £150 leaving me £94. funny how in the assessment my new son was only entitled to £15 of my disposable income. i now have 2 kids who face being evicted from there home to settle an 8k debt which is totally bullshit. and i am far from being a low life absent parent you stupid women

  • sean says:

    back in court today (17th) judge wants to see that the 5k has been paid or if we have access to 5k!! csa contacted the court for an adjournment but not enough time. we have found the mistakes from 2000 to 2004, they have the earnings down at £74,000 = £18,500 a year when infact it was 44k so £11,000 a year. csa are playing ball a bit by telling drysdens to delay the case while the appeal goes in. if it is down to the judge we have no chance as he was no where near impartial and just wants the money!!! wearing my winston churchill never give in shirt today lol

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