I’ve been threatened with court but I’m still waiting for an explanation

December 2, 2013

i recieved a request for tax files going back several years as im self employed and have a claim against me.i had 7days to supply this info.the letter got to me 4 days after the date.i phoned and said there was no possible way to comply and was told it was ok to get it to them as soon as i had original printoff from HMRC.

during this time they made an estimated earnings order which required me to pay £505 a month of payments and arrears.

i called and said you have the relevant info as requested but was told it was imaterial as it was sent outside the required timeline.
i said i wanted to appeal but was told i was outside the 30 day appeal limit.

the order for 17k was sent to the Enforcement team.

i phoned the team and explained what had happened.they put the case on hold. i wrote again to csa requesting they look again at the evidence and was told i was within an appeal period(only as id informed them of the date) and reassessed the amount to 11k. ive ask for a breakdown of how this has been worked out but just get a breakdown of weeks at so much for so long. i would like to see exact working figures.is this possible? i have proof that i have been mislead and lied to.i thought this was an authorised legitimate government backed agency?? i have SARS request to prove lies. im fed up of spending 30 minutes trying to get through to people only to be misinformed nand lied to. when ive asked them to prove who they are as id like to make a payment over the phone they say they dont have to yet i get asked to go through a list of questions every time im called,if theyve called me on my number who did they expect?

ive been threatened with court all though im waiting for a letter to explain how to pay. AND enforcement have said its staying with them and if ex doesnt except my offer of half to pay off arrears we will go to court. surely if ive won an appeal i should go back to the stage of mediation to find a way to pay off the arrears?? ive been to the gun cupboard and thought about ending it. its like being slowly goaded until you lose the plot. i do not belive ive ever spoken to the same person once on seperate days over 12 months. i may get in touch with Child Support Solutions but havent heard of anyone whos had true dealings with them. im at a loss. Mark Seaman


  • Adrian says:

    Send of for your data file to see what csa have on you. So not answer there questions. Do everything by letter. They have a certain amount of time to send you the data file which will cost you £10
    As for the court. It’s not a court like what you might think. The csa put pressure on nrp to complie a tactical advantage to make you worry so you will spill. As for self employment. You could turn round and say you went through a composite company who payed your tax and ni contributions. A lot of these company’s have almost disappeared now back in 2009/2008 so records won’t be up to date at hmrc. Don’t give in to there demands. Priority is your data file. Forget about your employment details. That’s there job to find out and your job to dispute it. There could be gaps in employment due to work flows
    Hope this helps buddy
    As for the scum at the csa :::::: up your you morons :::::..

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