I’ve been ripped off for three years

June 25, 2014

I have just finished paying my CSA after 16 years and it turns out my ex was still claiming for the older child.

I had been over paying for 3 years how do I get this money back?

Does the ex have to pay it back?


  • Bill says:

    You will have to establish the date the older child should have been taken out of the claim but the CSA will do a complete reassessment for that date.
    If you were on CS1 and your income had not been looked at for a while it could mean the liability goes up rather than down, so you need to be careful.
    Often on CS1 because of its complexity there was very little difference between the liability for one or two QCs so there might not be that much to get back.
    The liability will not be halved just because one out of two QCs in case has been removed.
    It not a fifty fifty split as many people might think.

  • john smith says:

    if the older child should have been removed three years ago (presumable because the Child Benefit ceased your assessment would change.

    Under the 1993 Scheme it isn’t a fixed percentage but is dependent on a variety of factor, unfortunately there is no simple calculations. I know of two people on “Old Rules (1993 Scheme)” with the same Income who pay vastly different amounts for Regular Maintenance due to Partner Income/Housing Costs, PWC Income etc.

    If you have overpaid the preferred option of the CSA is a “Regulation 8” adjustment where they reduce the amount hey collect in future. If the case should be closed and you have overpaid you should get your overpayment back in full. If the Parent With Care has ever been in receipt of “Proscribed Benefit (Job Seekers, Income Support etc)” It may be possible for you to get your overpayment back in full even if the case is still open

  • Gonk says:

    You won’t get it back, period. Whatever Bill says. If the mother has been lying and still claiming, they will tell you it’s not their fault and to speak to your ex about paying it back….after all….it’s her they been giving it to isn’t it ?

  • Ampep says:

    We found out that if your child reaches 17 you need call them because they said it’s not there responsibility to tell you to stop paying the csa.unfortunely we lost 3000 pounds. They wouldn’t pay it back all the amount they can only pay us the day we call them to inform them that his working and we recieve the letter that we should not paying the csa since 2012 but it’s your responsibility to let them now so if you got children turning 17 you have to call them now coz they wouldn’t refund the money.

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