I’ve been paying the wrong amount since 2006 but I was not informed – what can i do?

May 21, 2013

I have been paying 80 every 4 weeks for my daughter for a number of years now, she is my daughter and i also buy all her clothes and toiletries, but i have never received any thing in writing from the csa.

There was a phone call 9 years ago that told me what to do so i did it. i set up a standing order and thought i was doing the right thing. yesterday my daughter told me her dad had a call because i stopped paying ,she is 19 and leaves higher education next week. i phoned the csa was told rules changed and i have to pay untill she is 20. I was upset but was going to set up the standing order again, however my case worker, didnt even know i had one went straight to my employer for a wages deduction.i didnt even get notified this was going to happen !

i phoned him up straight away he said he did not need to notify me.i bring home 319 a week and they want to take 159 a week,when i said that wouldnt leave me enough to pay my rent,he said it wasnt his problem.apparently i have been paying the wrong amount since 2006 and owe 3355.83 in arrears.iasked why they didnt inform me then that i wasnt paying enough he said it wasnt up to him to contact me i should have contacted them. its thursday today and i have until tuesday to find the money or they are taking it direct. i have never received anything in writing from anyone ,how can they not be legally required to send me something in writing ? i have never not paid,all he kept saying was that they are not legally obliged to send me anything.this cannot be right ?what can i do ?


  • Sally says:

    The CSA and the idiots who work for it are a law unto themselves… what they don’t know they make up and when they see you are getting to the end of your term they make up fictitious arrears to keep you paying…

    The child maintenance age is now 20 (it changed in December last year) but the CSA didn’t bother to inform NRP’s of this (best excuse for them to say NRP’s are non-compliant when payments stop and do exactly what they have done to you).

    As for the idiot you spoke with…. 99% are like that, thickwits with no interest in you, other than what he/she is going to spend their bonus on…. you (like the other CSA victims are a means to an end, they shaft you and they get a bonus!).

    Go to you local MP and harass him/her, they seem to be the only people the CSA listen to…. good luck!

  • derek miller says:

    I’m pretty sure at that level of income they can only take a maximum of £127 pounds. as too the age of 20, Is that law yet? then can also collect arrears over a longer period. your first step is contact your MP. good luck!!

  • Carrie says:

    There’s a lot of this recently coming to light….what other agency could go back so long for arrears they think you owe without any correspondence for years ?You wouldn’t believe it ..or put up with it from any one else ….so why can the CSA do in the name of child support..what about the children of these nrp’s who they had, NOT KNOWING there was a problem with what they were paying !!!

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