I’ve been paying the same since 2002 – will my income now affect a reassessment?

July 3, 2013

I’ve been paying csa since 2002 at pretty much the same rate. I’ve recently had a letter for reassessment and I’m concerned that my increased income will affect my payments.

I’m happy to pay my dues however the csa have never taken into consideration the amount of nights my children stay with me (150 – 160) per year. If on new scheme what I’ve been paying is more that what I should be, however I’m on the old scheme and worry that again the amount of nights won’t be considered. Can someone off advice?


  • Sally says:

    Hi Jay, have you used the online calculator to get an idea of how much you could pay??

    CSA 1 cases include income and expenditure as you know but be careful as the CSA staff are devious and are renowned for telling the PWC to reduce overnight stays to get more money and I’m positive the CSA staff have encouraged PWCs to lie and say that they have never received any money for child maintenance so that the CSA invent arrears…

    Have a look at a website called NACSA… It’s helpful…

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