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I’ve been left with no money to live on – is there anything I can do?

I was seperated from my childs partner and tried to arrange a private payment with her as she was on benefits but she refused. She or the jobcentre contacted the c.s.a and they decided that i was to pay £108 A WEEK …

i was working and making approx £190 a week with full rent, shopping and was in a new relationship and supporting another child. anyway this fight went on where they eventually arreseted my wages and took all money over £80 a week off my wages and forced me out of my job….

i ended up paying £70 a month payments to them for years and out of the blue they arrested my wages and are now taking £219 a month to pay arrears that accumulated in 97/98/99 where they wanted the £108p/w

…. i am also paying £300 monthly to my other ex for 3 kids but not through the c.s.a so basically over half of my wages is going to maintenance and what is left is barely covering my rent/ food . contacting the c.s.a they will not help me, or reduce the payment…. it is only arrears left as my child is 19 and in F/T employment.

at my wits end with nowhere to turn.. is there anything i can do please

7 thoughts on “I’ve been left with no money to live on – is there anything I can do?

  1. As one of you ex’s insists on using the CSA then you should move the other into the system also. I say this reluctantly as involving the CSA at all is bad news however, you will find yourself paying less overall as all they can take is a max of 25% of your income after tax. They will then proportion it between the mothers of your children accordingly.

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