I’ve been left with no money – this can’t be right

December 7, 2013

i split from my ex girlfriend 21 years ago, 6 years ago they contacted me about saying they wanted the arrears of £38,000, after many arrguments, it was put down to £21,000, which i was forced to sell my home to pay it off, so i lost my home. now after living at my present rented property, for 6 years, they contacted me saying they want the other £17,000.

they already have done an attachment of my wages of £50,00 per week without even do a means form, im on minimum wages £6.40 per hour and im in a rented house, i cant buy food or pay bills now, im certain this is all wrong, can somebody help me please, im desperate.


  • Pb says:

    U really need to see ur MP and get an income and expenditure form filled out to prove that u simply cannot afford this. Go to ur citizens advise beuro and they will help

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    This is disgusting, and sadly you are not alone as a lot of NRP’s are put in this position. I suggest you go to the Govt’s money advice centre (they are banging on about it on TV!! so play the Govt at it’s own game!!) and ask them for help.

    There is a very helpful solicitor who will give you advice on the phone too, I know this 1st hand as I have spoken to one of them about CSA’s made up arrears!!

    The initial call is free, and I was on the phone half an hour….with no charge. His advice was extremely clear and helpful.


  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    I must add…I am giving no legal advice and I am not acting on behalf of any business or service!! I just research to the max on the internet as I am so furious at how the CSA carry on!!

  • poppydonuts says:

    Have you ever voluntarily made consistent childcare payments towards your children without some kind of enforcement at all?

  • BK says:

    Im in exactly the same situation, they are taking arrears which i dont have a problem paying plus the usual maintenance payments however they are taking the arrears at 40% and its killing me. Its coming up to xmas and i need to buy presents, pay my bills etc and all of a sudden 40% of my income is gone, i simply do not have 40% of my wage as a disposable income. I can afford to evem pay my mortgage now, i work 30 hours to receive a 16 hour wage, work cant give me an extra hours, i live in an area with over 60% unemployment so other jobs are not easy to change to.

    The csa are not interested in what i can afford or whether it puts me on the streets, i want to work, i want to pay my way but its got to be reasonable….no other debt can be taken like this, you have to come to an agreement thats fair where essential expenses are considered in the setting up of a payment plan.

    Whats worse about all this and the whole situation in general is that a year ago i thought i was in a bad situation, i was struggling to get work and trying to survive on benefits after not being able to find work after university, i was actually much better of then financially than i am now working full time.

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