I’ve been in arrears since day one

May 27, 2013

I have always payed the CSA for over three years. I am on a low wage and support my partner who has a minor. When I was off sick l did not recieve a full wage but still made to make a full payement. The CSA put me in arears at the start of my case, l was told not to pay anthing until they had sorted the paperwork out what a mistake. Now they want a huge amount of money from my wages each month and are not prepared to spread any of the payment.

Which has left me in serious diffcultly. I have shared care which has been completed by a court order but the CSA say they want proof which has been given but they refuse to go off the court order date which appears to make the CSA the only authority to ignore court dates and settlements. I am desperate could anyone give me some advice


  • Alice says:

    did you inform the agency when you were off sick and not receiving your full pay?
    are you getting an allowance for the child that lives with you?
    on shared care – unfortunately the agency cannot take a court order as proof of shared care as the court order only states what access should be and they are not always adhered to … this came up in another thread recently, and the best I can advise is that if the PWC is saying you are not getting the overnight access as per the court order so that the shared care allowance is not applied to the CSA case it may be worth informing her that you will be taking the issue back to the family courts … also keep a diary of every time your child stays overnight with you and send this in to the agency.

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