I’ve been abused, arrested and beaten up while she gets away with everything

February 14, 2015

My husband and I were married for almost 8 years he started playing around and eventually left me for another woman we were British Army based in Germany. I have been diagnosed with post natal depression so with my erratic behaviour for the first 2 and a half years of my daughters life I was reasonably depressed. My husband took my daughter off me got a court order in the UK and got full custody if my daughter. He threw me out out of Germany kept my daughter left me with all the debt from our marriage and so I was homeless with the debt. Eventually after a year of not seeing my daughter he moved back to the UK and I was allowed to see her for almost 3 months. His new girlfriend cut me off from my daughter and my family she has been allowed to go after me for CSA passed my daughter off as her own and has been signing medical reports as her mother.

My daughter is being psychologically abused by my ex husbands wife he is not apart of her life and I am not allowed to see my daughter in case I upset her even though I have a court order that says I can. His girlfriend now wife has been granted step parental rights and I’ve been told to go away just pay the CSA.I had been going to court over 7 years its cost my family a fortune. My ex husbands wife has abused me over the internet blasphemed and ruined my business nobody will hire me deformation of character against me personally wont release medical documents for my daughter because she’s said some pretty sick things about me that have found to be not true.

My ex husband’s now wife has had me arrested beaten up and run out of town she has my daughter and getting away with everything and I cant do a thing. But I do have evidence of everything she says I have done to my daughter I never did all for the sake of claiming CSA .

Thank you fir listen8ng


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  1. Becky KJ Mummywright on February 14th, 2015 5:46 pm

    What you been do get good lawyer talk to SS show th everything you have and get them to help you . CSA want help you . If you can prove she one that bad mouth your business you can sue her for it as its slander.

  2. CSA Warrior on February 21st, 2015 1:30 am

    wow. that a lot of stuff. sound like a jealous insecure widfe.

    my starting point willmbe the contact order. Go back to court stopping any child from seeing their parent is in my mind child abuse.

    read the cChildrens act I think its 1984 0r 1989. specifically s1 and section 8 . what his wife is doing to you will not be of any relevance in the family court.

    the courts can restart the contact or he will be facing prison for contempt of court.

    As a parent you can get the medical documents from source as you have parental responsibility. if you dont make an application to the courts under s8.

    you mention that you have been to court before. if it n is over the issue of contact in extreme cases the courts can reverse the court order. but it has to be really really extreme

    the alternative is make a fiegned application go the courts for residency and settle out of court for better contact . you still get a court porder but not a trail

    good luck

    Children do not belong to the parents. parents belong to the child. so why steal some parents insist on stealing from their child is beyond me.

  3. CSA Warrior on February 21st, 2015 1:38 am

    sorry on the matter of the wifes abuse

    in truth I would report the matter to the police as harassment contray to the protection from harassment act 1997. it requires a course of conduct intended to cause harrament alarm or distress. so pissing you off once doent count hence course of conduct.

    sueing for libel / slander: libel can only be dealt with in the high court so you will need a barrister and high court fees are much higher than normal court fees. even if you win in court you might not be rewarded costs. there is a case of libel where the claimant won his case and was rewarded £1 his cost were thousands. more to the pointvwill winning actually solve anything.

    I suspect that your ex doesn`t know his wife so well so the police knocking on the door might open his eyes abit

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