I’ve been a model payer to the CSA, but they’re determined to trip me up

April 29, 2013

Over the years I have been a model payer to the CSA, yet they insist on trying to trip me up and play what seems like, good cop bad cop every every time I deal with them. A couple of years ago I had a change in circumstances (new job). I advised them straight away but still got different phone calls from different people stating they didn’t know what was going on. Anyway, around Christmas time I had to pay a backlog of money through no fault of my own. That phone call came a few days before Christmas as well, that really upset me. I just don’t trust them one bit. I always let them know whats going on with my claim, but because I never deal with the same person, the CSA staff get confused and I have to repeat myself, then things get delayed.

Just before Christmas 2012 my son turned 19, this was before the new law came out. But, true to their ethics, I had a phone call just before my claim was up notifying me that I might have to pay for another year. This was a kick between the legs and it made me feel depressed. Its really felt like they have been bullying me over the last few years, even know I’ve always tried to do the right thing. Has this agency any ethics???

I have lost sleep time and time again, worrying about if they are going to try and stitch me up. Every time I have a phone call, it seems something isn’t right. Why, just the other day, I had a phone conversation with an agency worker. The next day I had another phone call from them regarding the same issue. He didn’t believe I had a phone call the previous day regarding the issue, and tried to trip me up. He also didn’t believe I wasn’t getting any benefits from the job centre, also, he suggested I must have an income coming in from somewhere. I was stressed out after that.I cant wait until they are out my hair for good, they are nothing less than heartless bullies(judging by their phone manner).


  • Sally says:

    Me too… Or they accuse the NRP of being non-compliant so that they can raise a deo….

  • bleeding heart says:

    Two words I regularly use to describe our friends at the CSA.. BELL ENDS.
    My case has been going on for nearly ten years and still the egotistical buffoons cannot grasp simple mathematics. I have received three statements within a month and they all show different amounts?? Of course the statements always have to show the NRP in arrears. In my case statements show amount due which includes a date after the statement was prepared and payments received a week before. Seriously they f*ck with you like it is a game.. Getting through security questions is another game.. How many questions shall I ask today?? Tried to tell me they get lots of crank calls etc.. Data protection my arse… They are quick enough at passing my salary details onto the ‘PWC’ unfortunately the staff at the CSA are under qualified to deal with any financial matters but they are governed by nobody. Always take a name and a surname if possible but the staff are reluctant with surnames as they do not want you telling tales of their insolence & incompetence. Try and get in touch by letter only if you can live with the six week turnaround. Phone calls can be denied…and regularly are. In your case the staff seem confused?? Christ man.. The whole department is sharing four brain cells.. You might as well speak to that potted plant you have on your kitchen windows sill. The only way this will ever be sorted is if ONLY ONE epetition existed on the government Web sites and the required number of people signed.. Headed ‘DISBAND THE CSA’ Are we up for this??

  • David says:

    An epetition sounds like an interesting idea. Has anyone ever done it before regarding the CSA?

  • John says:

    I have looked to sign an e-pettiton, but unfortunately, there appear to be a mixed bag, as to why the CSA should be debated.

    Perhaps, if the e-petition came from a reputable complaints body. I.e CSA Hell, then perhaps we may get enough signatures?

  • David says:

    This is true. Maybe they might consider it?


    ‘If you collect 100,000signatures, your e-petition could be debated in the House of Commons’ Is what the HM Government website says.. What harm can it do?? At the moment there are too many epetitions complaining about various things within the CSA but they are watering down the main issue which should be disbanding or shutting down the agency.. Seriously friends if the decent amongst us continued to pay through private agreements (which by the way PWC should be forced to enter into instead of using the CSA as a weapon) the money saved on an ineffective and corrupt agency could be used to pay genuine PWC who receive little or no money for reasons such as NRP is unemployed etc. The CSA could then be DISBANDED saving millions of pounds of taxpayers money.I think all responsible NRP agree they should contribute TOWARDS the upbringing of their children but this should be a sensible amount calculated on food, clothing etc required per week/month. You should not be asked to subsidise your ex-partners lifestyle and remember any maintenance you pay is tax free and does not count as income. Please PWC remember that some of us have second families which also need to be supported.

  • brett says:

    Thats where your problems start David, by being a model payer. Ive always been a model payer, but the CSA stitched me up with ficticious arrears of over £11,000 and then threatened me with baliffs/liability order.
    They target the NRP who is PAYE.
    Good luck with your case.

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