It’s not all the CSA’s fault, the law is to blame too

February 4, 2013

The CSA are not totally to blame and thats saying something from a very disgruntled father. The problem is the law in this country and its obvious discrimination to men in these cases.

I have spent three years fighting for the right to see my son, the court was not involved in conception, birth or for three an a half years my son was with me and his mom.

Then his mom left me, reasons only she knew with my son and then all of a sudden courts get involved alongside sharleton solicitors who see this as easy money.When its decided that there are no child care issues or threats to mother and child then there is no case to answer. The law should say 50/50 now go sort it out.No parent should dominate arrangements for financial, care legal and schooling but although its stated that this is the case why is it still clear to judges that farthers still be penalised for having a penis.

Then there is the mum, cuts her hours from fulltime to partime, claimes all the benefits and still recieves CSA payments. Puzzling isnt it, because farthers still pay for holidays, clothes, gas, electric, rates etc etc and farthers dont cut their hours to benefit from benefits so why should mums.The conclusion to this is CHILD BENEFIT, its the key to a mans demise, so lets start at the top for blame,Policy makers, agencies, ignorant politicians, law makers, do-gooders mainly femanists, the CSA have policies written by policy makers at the top.

The law fights against change to childcare arrangements because of how much they will lose in revenue.

KEY FACTS Money is the route of all evil.

Time for change which will never happen sadly.


  • Smithy says:

    Things will change because the current situation is unsustainable but it will just take time.

    One interesting area I started to read up on was how the law is changing to deal with single gay men who want to have kids. At the moment they have to adopt the child from the surrogate once born but there are test cases going through in the UK to bring it up to speed with other area’s of the world so the single gay man will have parent rights to the unborn child as there is no genetic link between the surrogate and the baby.

    So given the unreliability of a lot of relationships including 50% of marriages and the massive financial and emotional cost on men of the break up of relationship’s including the loss of their relationship with the their children how long will it be before single men use these laws to have their own children that they know nobody can at the drop of a hat take away from them.

    If we are aiming as a society to keep two adult relationships parental family construct as being the ideal then things will have to change however possibly men will start choosing with their feet about what type of family setup works for them.

  • John says:

    ….and who makes the law? Our inglorious M.P.’s. One of whom has pleaded guilty today for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    Attempting to criminalse and demonise, parents with regard to their children, belongs in the dark ages with Albert Pierpoint. However, our elected politicians are all for it, as they have passed the legislation. They then turn their backs on their constituents, when problems arise from incompetent, power mad staff, whose only care is to meet their perfomence indicators and earn their bonuses… any cost. usually to the NRP.

    History is all ready judging this shambolic system, and in the not to distance future history will show that in their attempts to demonise and criminalise parents, the government will be held accountable for their actions, in the courts.

  • carol says:

    Courts, Politicians, DWP, CSA, SS, etc etc…..all are from the same big pan of soup. Its those who put it all together and stirred it that are to ‘blame’ for the mess and misery.

    As long as parents continue to use their children to get back at their ex, then nothing will change in the CSA. Bit more complex when it comes to the SS however, as they can enforce taking children from their parental home via police force.

    We all know we are treated with contempt, by those in power. Our human rights are ignored and even deliberately trampled on.

    Who thought we beat the Nazi’s?? …I ask you to really think about that answer….

    God Bless

  • j says:

    “carol on February 4th, 2013 5:15 pm – Who thought we beat the Nazi’s?? …I ask you to really think about that answer….”

    See now when I mentioned the csa and Nazis in a diferent thread someone had a go at me BUT, any regime (politicians, legal system, civil service etc) that collude in the way you suggest in your post then its clear that these scum are no different, worse in some ways, they actually think that they are the goodies and we are the baddies!

    Meantime, lets go and bomb the hell out of some other middle east country that hasn’t attacked us under the pretext of a no fly zone. I wonder who the real dictators are.

  • carol says:

    j wrote: “lets go and bomb the hell out of some other middle east country that hasn’t attacked us under the pretext of a no fly zone. I wonder who the real dictators are”


    I think peeps get a knee jerk reaction when we state we are living under fascism. Could be to do with all them young men in our families going to war, and dying horrifically….for what??? To be ruled, suppressed, oppressed, subjugated, demoralised, controlled, dictated, without compassion, or empathy, for anothers struggles or situation in life, by our own governments anyway. We cant be living under a Hitler fantasy….because we fought for freedom

    No Great Britain….you were conned, and manipulated into handing over your children to the war machine. It wasnt about fighting for peace and/or freedom, it was about fighting for a patch of land in order for the same type of psychopaths to exercise the same kind of dictatorship, just in our own and in other countries, is all. Its just not been as brazen.

    And here we are today, in the name of the children, the same children this government will happily send off and let die or see death for their own materialistic needs. The same children they will expect to enslave into some shitty factory job. So when the CSA talk to me of this being all about my childs welfare, excuse me if I seem a lil unconvinced….

  • carol says:

    I should also point out that the government likes to flash its slogan “every child matters”

    Sure they do….its why all this fuss is made for.

    It just happened to be Hitlers slogan for the children of Germany too….

  • Sally says:

    Morning Everyone

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through each of the comments made; John, carol and j. are 100% spot on…. And while I agree with the original post in that ultimately CSA staff are restricted by legislation and law, there are some things that I feel (only my opinion) that are not governed by legislation or law that the CSA staff could do that would help all it’s victims greatly.

    CSA Staff
    1) Learn the CSA rules so that you are giving the PWC/NRP the correct information
    2) Remain impartial and don’t take sides
    3) Be professional and keep your personal opinions to yourself
    4) Tell the truth and don’t fabricate dates/addresses
    6) Don’t throw away communication/correspondence to avoid doing more work.
    5) Don’t be rude – the person speaking with you needs your help

    Every other company I know expect their staff to behave this way as standard, but not the CSA… all of the above are regular complaints from PWC/NRPs….

    Our lives were turned upside down because of the incompetent CSA staff because of their conflicting information/lies/bias views … but I know things will get better because ‘Alice’ feeds everything back to her bosses, she tells them what’s wrong with the system etc….. and after reading all the complaints on here… she has a lot to report back…. when should we expect to see these changes….. by CSA standards of competence and efficiency… 2040…

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