It’s no wonder people hate the government

July 16, 2013

i havent been allowed to see my childeren for the past few months as ex is getting married and she has been having arguments with my current partner because i have my childeren (who live with me) everyday.

She has assaulted my current partner numerous of times and due to this i havent had contact with her and therefore not seen my kids. She has said they’re not mine many times, she doesnt like me seing them as when they see me they well excited and like’ daddy daddy. it breaks me to know that this stupid law you have that the mother has more rights stink.

If i knew half the workers there i would do my best to break there family lives to let them see how it feels, i feel ive been mistreated and spoken to like dirt from csa and they jus seem to make me out to be a horrible person. They asked for my works contract and i posted it and they said they could contact my boss at work i said no as its hassle and he got alot on but yet they done it anyway with no authorisation, over ruling me as im nothing… well you wonder why people hate our own government!!!!!! it stinks!!!!!!!


  • Sally says:

    and it’s not going to change any time soon 🙁

    have you or your current partner contacted the police regarding your ex’s behaviour?? Your ex is behaving completely irrational…. but the CSA will support all that she does and believe all that you san and you are right… its our governments fault….

    The whole system is unfair and 100% bias towards the PWC, if you want to see your kids then it cost you (only you, not your ex, even though its her fault you can’t see your kids!) to go to court or to pay for mediation sessions…. if the PWC chooses to ignore the court order for access rights (that you have paid £thousands for) she can do so without anything happening to her!!!

    It is absolutely ridiculous!!!

    As for the CSA… they are useless, lazy and completely incompetent… the only thing that interests them is their bonus… the do not care one little bit about the kids involved!!!

    Good luck with your case!!

  • John says:

    Fat cat bankers fixing libor rates and paying themselves huge bonuses, fraudulent expense claims by M.P.’s, scandal in the NHS.

    There are recurring themes here………and then we have the lying, corrupt thieves at the CSA, applying flawed legislation to a flawed system of child maintenance, where 20% of people who should pay, don’t because of CSA incompetence.

    Where £3.8 billion remains uncollected. Where those who do pay are easy targets and repeatedly targeted in order to criminalise and demonise parents regarding THEIR children. Not the governments children.

    Family law that only seeks to extract money from parents who seek to obtain contact orders, and are given worthless pieces of paper, where judges very rarely, if at all penalise those who break contact orders.

    Keep all paperwork as evidence, for the day when the CSA are brought to book and restorative justice will be sought by all CSA victims!

  • brett says:

    These two bob CSA case workers, have been given so much power. They talk to NRP’s as if they’re the lowest of the low. Yes they’re just interested in keeping their jobs, hitting their targets and getting their bonuses. I’ve worked hard all my life only to be walked all over by them, stitching me up with made up arrears and threatening me with a DEO/liability order. The whole system stinks !

  • Mar says:

    How does the old CSA rules (before 2003) apply?

    It say s online
    This carer allowance is reduced by 25% if the youngest child is 11, 12 or 13, or by 50% if the youngest child is 14 or 15. The carer allowance ends when the youngest child is 16.

    But they also say they can take 30% of my monthly income. So if it gets reduced because the age won’t they make up the payments to 30% anyway??

    I never got my 25% reduced at age 11,12,13
    I didn’t get my 50% reduced at age 15.
    He is now 15 and a half years old and I have just had my yearly payments letter sent to me and they want me to pay the full rate for another year which he will be 16 and a half in another year.

  • CSA Warrior says:

    If you havent already, repotr the assault. knowing the police they will probably do nothing, but your weapon is the CAD number. As for contact many who dont know the law assume. write to her and tell her that you intend to make an application to the court for a contact order. Then do just that. while it is scary you can represent yourself and represent yourself in court. this can be done in your local county court. she has no defence to a contact order. defiance only works in your favour.
    if they are not yours as she says ask her to say that again and report that to the CSA. welcome your ex to fraud.
    As for the CSA every man has to pay. but it is a fact that they are total cocks. I cant understand any man wanting to work for these people. better they work for the police.
    But seriously S8 contact order and a visit from the police are the orders of the day. your lucky sounds like you have a good woman backing u give her a big hug and crack on

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