It’s just one big waiting game

August 24, 2013

MY GRIPE WITH c.s.a. IS THAT AFTER 17 years YES I DID SAY 17 YEARS im still waiting . every time i ring im told “OH WELL MRS W WE WILL send ur case to the enforcement dep and believe me or not they have been saying this for the last 12 years and iv had about 5 payments from my ex partner.

Iv now lost my temper so badly i was taken in to hospital with a suspected heart attack . but at last thay are taking him to court . but i rang them the outher day after giving them 4 months to get him in to court and thay have had to send all the paper work bk to c.s.a. because the dumb b—–d’s dident send all the paper work through from 1996 to presant date.

so now we have to wait till dec this year befor it in court which will be 1 y from when i was told it would take 3/4 months to sort this . he now owes me thousands for his 3 kids and i WILL GET IT ALL TRUST ME . my saying is if u make a baby then u should provide for it 50/50 and iv worked for last 35 years and paid for all my kids myself . so now u will pay for them as well


  • Lisa says:

    Another spiteful act of revenge, happens everyday, another woman needing her pockets lined shocking they have no shame

  • karen says:

    Funny Lisa a while ago you were one the PWC who had probs!!
    Mel everyone is different.
    Splitting hairs about ‘my money/children’s money’!
    Join the facebook group Child Support Agencies Failings for advice and support with valuable information not name calling,bullying, etc.

  • Lisa says:

    The difference between me and you karen I didn’t lie to CSA, I didn’t get a massive payout, I didn’t not long ago ask for arrears outstanding that you claim your ex owes, you are greedy, I’m not, I helped my ex get away from CSA because I saw how many mistakes they made, I have seen the letters between him myself and CSA and I know how many lies they tell, I also didn’t name and shame my ex you did, I didn’t keep my daughter away from her biological father you did because of money, this is stated in a reply from you on this very site, so please before you tar us all with the same brush, it’s women like you who have businesses of there own and are only successful because of your huge special payment, your kids are grown up now and won’t benefit the money, you will as usual, the people suffering today are because of women like you

  • Lisa says:

    Yes children deserve support, the CSA is not the right way about doing things, as usual the only people losing are the children, the mums think holding kids to ransom to get more cash is acceptable it’s NOT, a fair amount affordable to both parties is acceptable, the CSA need to realise its still not fit for purpose and the only people using it are greedy mums who can’t be arsed to work, the ones that do fair play, still doesn’t give them the right to think they can be supported for 20 years, the system is a shambles the staff are complete morons the sooner it changes the better

  • gonk says:

    Karen fucking Bedford pops up again lol…yo its a parent( bleeding heart) with care.
    that’s why the man hater sticks her ore in

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