It’s hard enough to put food on the table without the CSA

January 16, 2015

Where to start with the csa pure hell end off csa treat dads like scum talk to you scum /and the whole set up is mest up.

I have four son 1 with my ex and 3 that live with me.since the csa got involved for 2 years and mest me about passing from one person to another my ex dont let me see my son how is that in the best interestof my son?

I pay wot the the csa wanted and all i want is wots best for my son and him to see his brothers but no the csa hve f..ked that right up the csa worker from norwich told me not to pay my rent cos i had to pay my arrears so there wanting to rob peter to pay paul.

Kept ringing me all day say he didnt care about my 3 sons that live with me thats not his problem just the one the csa are dealing with wot a load of crap ive worked very hard for my family payed my tax and iam a very loving dad and with had a happy family till the csa wa.kers ringing and ringing bullying me and even taken money out my bank so i could pay my rent and in my overdraft then i owed the bank pure wa.kers.

Ment my kids went without and my ex is loving the tact that i could go to prison bitc. so how would that help my sons them loosing there dad ..robing peter again to pay paul me and my partner r/ship is falling apart because of the csa hell but are trying our best to get out of this mess.

How the govenment think the csa is good a good thing is such crap and how fu.ked up the government is .my family and my kids is my world and i will do wot ever it takes to fight the csa hell .who give the rigths for csa to make my life hell THE GOVERNMENT SHAME ON YOU XXXX DADS ARE FOR LIFE AND NOT FOR THE CSA TO MAKE MONEY ITS HARD TO PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE AS IT IS XXX CSA HELL.