It took them 10 years to sort out their mistake

July 11, 2014

In 2007,i received a letter from the csa,stating that I should have been re-assessed in 1997.and was informed that I was now £21,000 in arrears,even though I had been paying the amount I was told to pay for the previous 5years

I contacted them to tell them that they should only use 1 years wages divided by 52 weeks,to get my average weekly wage,and not two years,which is what they had done,i was then told it was there mistake,and the arrears were halved to £10,500,i then worked out what I had paid over the relevant period,and deducted it from there figure,and bingo,i was correct again,now reducing my arrears down to £6,000.

I am still annoyed because the csa have known my current address for the past 20 years,why couldn’t they have contacted me earlier,to supposedly re-assess me


  • Ray says:

    Just been told I’m in £5000 in arrears withe the csa . I have paid over 15 years and never missed a payment .the csa have told me it’s all there fault but still I have to pay .i had my daughter living with me for 12 months and in that time they said I have over paid by £2070 so they have deducted it from my arrears .the csa is a disgrace a nd should be shut Down I agree that I’m the father and should pay but if your a white working father in this country you are an easy target and the csa acting on the government instructions will do anything in there power to destroy you . Mr David Johnstone working off the csa started off saying I should be compensated for the way the have treated me the next call he couldn’t give a sh,,t ans said to pack my job in the whole system stinks

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