It took 11 years for the CSA to sort payments out – now I’m not getting enough

May 22, 2013

I first put my clam in in septeber 1994 . I sent every thing in they asked address where he worked; I got nothing until 2005. I have recently started receiving money but the CSA have said this is only from 2006 .

I want to know why this this is when they have had contact with me before this . and also have tried four time to get them to send me a statement for each month to what i will be receiving to which i have had no replay yet . i would be great full if you could help me with both of these matters .


  • Andy says:

    My ex-wife had a similar problem where she thought she wasn’t getting enough money from me, even tho after paying the mortgage and everything on her house she was gettin pretty much every penny I could spare. So, she went to the CSA. My payments went up by £50. The money she wound up recieving from CSA at the end was HALF what I was paying her directly (which of course I was to blame for, and she demanded I pay her extra directly). Just be greatful for what you get, and resist any urges to weaponise your child/children.

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