It should be 50/50 so why is he only paying £30?

June 14, 2013

How do we half share, I bath him and feed him 6 out of 7 nights and he’s back with me by 7am when I’m ready for work, I live with my new partner so am not intilted to benefits other than chid benefits. As most of you state it should be 50 -50 so how does he get away with paying £30 when it cost me a good £100 plus a week to support our son and even more for child care!


  • chris jones says:

    its based on his income. 50/50 dont just mean costs it means time with the child aswel. if your ex was earning 1000 a week you would get 150 a week thats 50 more than the 100 you say you pay out but i bet you would not refuse it and say he is paying too much would you???? and i bet your 50/50 comment would go out the window too. think about what you are saying before posting.

  • Macon says:

    You already have the answer from a old post , don’t you like the answers ?your ex has the kid staying over 3 nights a week this is what the Csa use and now you have a new partner I would have tought the spare time would come in handy do you want you cake and eat it !

  • Macon says:

    87 pound a month child benefit 130 pounds a month child maintenance , If you put in 130 pounds that’s 347 quid a month to look after your kid , just me repeating my post on a very similar question on this site a few days ago !

  • stuart says:

    well if he is being a dad as much as he can and paying what he can, then the child is not suffering any issues from this, I f you require more it will more than likely impact on his ability to spend time and expense with the child too. You only have him half the time and in your half pay out for childcare? Children are not free to look after so consider your blessings rather than seek to rock your boat and end up with an alienated child and a broken ex partner, The child is the important piece in your tale and yet you have not mentioned their welfare once.

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