It may be a long road but don’t give up the fight

November 13, 2013

I want to share my saga with the CSA and hope it can help others to continue with their fight.

My partner and I lived together for 6 years with no correspondence whatsoever in that space of time together. Suddenly April 2011, 12 letters arrive. Turns out CSA say he had arrears of £49,500! He had a daughter with his ex but never any contact and wasn’t aware she even put in a claim.

Well since April 2011 we’ve had MP involved and meetings with CSA managers. After that 1st set of arguing, arrears reduced to £31,000.

Eventually get Appeal date (by now it’s April 2013). CSA tried to say one of our appeals (2 different assessments) was time barred so argued against that and appeal was allowed on both assessments. Outcome of appeal it was directed that his ex’s income should be taken into account as she wasn’t in receipt of a means tested benefit and his rental costs should be included (this only allowed on one assessment), some arrears written off as he could prove he was in receipt of benefits as new legislation came in in 2010 allowing this, even if you were in benefits before that time. (he was assessed on old system CSA1). So we then had to then Appeal to Upper Tier tribunal due to fact it was directed one assessment could take everything into account but other assessment didn’t. Point of law appeal accepted at Upper Tier but 1st tier have now said that as they did not have all information at time of Appeal and overediting of correspondence and missing documents 1st appeal basically stopped and have to re-appeal again. Has anyone been in this situation?

Although it’s a long road of complaining, researching and hoping don’t give up with your fight because it is possible to argue with these people who believe they are above the law. Although they will tell you they are right, or that’s the law don’t believe what they say and don’t ever give up.