It is unfair that CSA is making my other children suffer!

December 14, 2016

I work on zero contract hrs i work when it is work .most of the summer i look after my other child cos we dont have child care so when do work i get stung by csa .i have offered myx partner £40 to put in my count and do away with csa .but she said no .so i will come home with just £144 pound if i do 33 hrs then if do more hrs i come with less i cant cope any more with this its not fare on my other child to really struggling at the moment with the csa .if i miss a payment they charge me £9 on top its been going on about 10 years now the only way i can sort this is to sign on its not worth working i got other bills to pay out.


  • Just been made homeless by CSA, informed today they are deducting £808, from my salary from january , so no longer afford my rent of£800, csa refuse to deduct the loan payment for the car that my ex kept , refuse to take into account any cost of seeing and keeping in touch with my 18 year old son including his phone contract ,they also refuse to take into account the 31000 pounds I have paid to ex over last 3 years since we seperated ,

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