It is possible to get through CSA nightmare

February 18, 2015

I am the wife of a NRP who pays child support for 2 children from a previous relationship. The CSA had been working fine for several years until my husband changed jobs in 2012.

The first months wages of the new job included a reallocation bonus that was a one off payment that had to be returned if he left within the first year, and was designed to cover the additional travel cost to the new job. This explained this to CSA, ie that the first moths wages were not indicative of my salary.

Despite this the CSA rang my the employer and requested the amount of the first months pay and took this as representative of the salary. This resulted in a wildly over calculated amount of CSA per month. When the letter was received stating the monthly payments he immediately rang to inform the CSA of their mistake.

They told him it would all be sorted out. He started to receive phone calls in work stating he wasn’t paying, when he was making monthly payments of the amount he had been making previously in his old job. The phone calls in work continued even thought he had requested he be phoned outside office hours or be written to. They were rude and harassing in nature.

Then he received a letter stating he owed nearly £4000 pounds and a deduction of earnings order was set up to reclaim £760 per month!!! My husband cracked, he had been paying what he thought was the correct amount every month. He passed the case to me. He rang , wrote and emailed the CSA stating I was his third party representative, that he gave permission for me to be spoken to and to speak on his behalf.

I made a formal complaint and emailed it in. This was ignored. I made another complaint. This resulted in a correct calculation but was not back dated to the time of the initial call. I spoke to a rude and incompetent complaints offer who told me I could do nothing more other than go to court.

I had read the complaints procedure and queried 2nd stage complaints, the Independent Case Examiner and the Ombudsman. This resulted in another complaint. Nothing was happening so I contacted our local MP.

When he became involved things started to move forward. The recalculation was back dated and it was found we had over paid!!! The CSA issued an apology!!! I am still in the process of complaining and am going to take this to the Independent Case Examiner next, as there treatment of my husband was terrible.

I believe the CSA has breached the Data protection act and the Human Rights act along with their own policies and procedures in this case. This is only a very short description of a 2 and half year nightmare. My advice, involve your MP or other person to act on your behalf – you have a right to and don’t give up. I will be happy to provide further information on this case and suggestions on how others in this situation may move forward.


  • C Gibson says:

    Duncan Smith, I have always worked. If you are going to try to insult someone, at least try and make it in some way accurate!!!
    Also i suggest you actually read my post ). I am not the mother of the children claiming CSA payments, I am supporting the father, the NRP, who pays the CSA. You give all caring fathers a bad name with this type of response.

  • CSA Warrior says:

    duncan smith YOUR AN IDIOT THIS IS THE VICTIMS WIFE. ” I am the wife of a NRP …..” So how do you know she doesnt have a job. the point is she supports her husband so good on her.

    I for 1 am pleased to hear of a positive result against the enemy. Every victory counts

    I for 1 would love to read the rest of this story

    ignore mr smith hes having a bad moment

    Your husband is lucky to have you on his side good luck

  • CSA Warrior says:

    mr smith now silent

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