It feels like they are stealing to reduce my pension

May 11, 2013

I took my nephew in on7-6-2012 since then he got 3205 from dec 31st but nothing since I waited almost 18 weeks for tax credits to arrive after many renewed forms and battles /soaring phone costs /he was fitted into 18 age group tho only 16 when taken to the job centre by a youth worker. I had to reapply for three times . Now after nearly a year I get renewal forms ( my nephew still has a year to do at college.) I am afraid I will be lost in all the systems again …forced to share my pension like last year.

His father has paid but he says he is not bothered about his son or what the CSA do with his money I am 64 and have several health issues to cope with causing extra expenses some weeks. I am worried sick I sold off belongings last year and dread the thoughts of it happening again. I am told something different every time I call. Is it a phone scam to get the debt reduced for government? Help me please.

I contacted my MPs office but all I get is that the csa are looking into it. They sent money back to the sec of state saing when money is pending I am not entitled to it. I feed and clothe my nephew not the state. It feels like they are stealing to reduce my pension.


  • Macon says:

    What about his mum do you not want CSA money off her ?

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