Is there anything I can do to stop the CSA?

August 30, 2011

CSA dont care about our situation , ex partners dont care. Who the hell does care about us men! What i really want is some advice as my daughter is too turn 1 year old in 2 weeks and my current situation could quite possibly leave me homeless, but does the CSA give 2 shits , no, does my ex partnet, no.Who does? Cant even afford too buy her anything nice for her first birthday. :/

So i took out a flat for me and what was my girlfriend, we both signed the agreement. 4 weeks later she decided she wanted too leave and go back and live with her alcoholic mother and leave me paying for all this when i cant afford too! So hear i am , working 24 hours a week with an income after tax off £150.

Out of the £150 i have

  • £80 rent
  • £12 council tax
  • £10 for phone and broadband contracts.
  • £10 for electric
  • £10 child maintence which ive been paying off my own back since she left.
  • £15 for food
  • £5 for a dog she left

Then not too mention water rates, all the everyday things i need , shampoo etc. Not too mention the debts ive not payed in months.

All this combined well exceeds my weekly income, now the CSA are telling me i have too fork out another £10 i cant afford. I try and get help and all i get told is find more work, yeah easier said than done , get a cheaper flat – which is near on impossible with zero cash too even try too move.

Where can i get help? i have no where to go and pretty sure balliffs etc will be coming in the near future.

No one wants too help, she leaves me in this mess and now is demanding more from me. No one is prepared too listen and if they do they could’nt care less.

Where exactly do i stand with the CSA, they tell me they dont take anything into account anymore.

CSA really are one of the worst organisations ive come across , they seem too assume we dont want too pay. And if we cant pay , tuff , your going too pay even if you cant.

Sorry too rant, any help with what i can do or where i stand would be great, thanks.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    welcome to our world… all they want is money.. so make yourself unemployed..jsa :-). they don’t care about men..full stop. it’s a game at the end of the day, even though we are unwilling players. It sucks and I truly understand your situation (I’m there at the moment!), but keep your sanity….please.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Karl says:-
    “all they want is money” – that’s the CSA.
    What many women want is your child and your money.
    But not you.

    You are most certainly not alone.

  • Emma says:

    Women make the decision to get pregnant, women make the decision to have the child, women should pay for them! If the man wants to help that’s great, why should they be made to. If a woman wants to have an abortion and the man doesn’t want her to…can he stop her? No. Women’s choice, women’s responsibility in my eyes…..and i’m a woman.

  • Joanna says:

    Your ex has herself and your child to pay for which Will cost far more than the £10 a week you pay. Personally as a single Mum I would love to have a place to rent that is as cheap as yours and have the bills you have because then it wouldn’t be such a struggle. If you can’t afford the luxury of a dog then find it a new home. How is the recent ex leaving you in this situation your child’s fault? Why should they suffer. £10 would barely by a pack of nappies let alone everything else they need.

  • Joanna says:

    Emma you miss the point entirely. It takes two consenting having sex to create a child whether planned or not the risk is always there. The child is the innocent and didn’t ask to be born and deserves to have both parental to provide for them. Don’t want children then don’t have sex.

  • Rarebo says:

    She lives with her mum , another single mum running a car , her own home paid for by tax payers. Single mums have it hard is alot of BS. Just because someone has your child, does not mean they should be given a % of your income. When the majority of the time they end up being better off than the father, why are so many young mums doing this? because its hard? No. Because they get there arse wiped for them. with £10-20 “excess” altho it really isnt. I have all the other costs assosiacted with living too pay for, like dental treatment. Do they pay? No.

    Looking after the child may be hard , but the amount of money and benefits they get sure as shit isnt.

    Rent as cheap as mine ? cheap ? you obviously have never had too pay any rent.

    No one said they didnt want their children so, i think you missed the point entirely. I’d gladly take my daughter on full time, and i’d keep my job aswell.

    The point is they take a flat % of your income, and totally disregard pretty much everything else. Which is wrong and extremely unfair. Why should men gain mounting debts and suffer, too make the CSA’a job easier.

    My guess is your the typical woman who thinks the man owes her everything because she had his child.

  • Alice says:

    on an earned income of £150 you will be required to pay £12.50 per week for your csa – if you are being asked for more then this would indicate that you have arrears and the csa are collecting an amount weekly over and above your regular maintenance towards the debt. Your maintenance calculation is based purely on your income and the amount of children you are liable to pay for and any children in your household you are financially responsible for.

    If your ex partner signed the lease on the property you may be able to get her held liable for part of the rent – you should visit CAB for advice on this.

    You may also be entitled to claim WTC which would increase your income and make paying your bills a bit easier. You may also be entitled to claim some housing/council tax benefit to help with your rent and council tax.

    The phone and broadband along with the dog are classed as non essential so if you got rid of them you would have a bit more each week to cover the rest of your costs.

    Alternatively if you were to get full time care of your daughter you would be able to claim maintenance from her mother

  • emma says:

    Why stop paying for your child? if you have problems sort your other bills out and your housing situation out instead of blaming the mother and taking it out on your child!

  • Thomas says:

    I work 45 to 55 hrs a week i live in a council flat with the cheapest rent poss after csa take their pound of flesh i’m left with less than £150 a week to cover rent, council tax, water, electricity, gas, food and travel expenses to and from work…… Long story short it doesn’t work, I’m in rent arrears with pending court action for repossession, I’ve defaulted on my council tax they want immediate £500, I’ve lost a shed of weight, I cant go anywhere see anybody, my girlfriend wants to live with me but that would put me and us in further financial turmoil, and to top it off I’e had my daughter turned against me by constantly slating me while court access was being put in place (which i dropped because it was hurting my daughters feelings) and all of this out of vengeance for leaving the ex because i didnt love her who now has a 3 bed house, a dog, a load of snakes and lizards in tanks ,a car, laptops holidays and breaks away a new fella who lives with her and they both work….. Yet when i try to explain exactly what this is doing she gets a sick kick out of it with a smug face, she would rather see me destitute and alone. I’m at breaking point I’ve been homeless before and this was used against me by the ex as i wasnt able to see my daughter, I’m going to be homeless again and It’s a totally hopeless situation…… Me and my daughter used to be inseperable but the ex hated that

  • al says:

    Sadly you really only have two choices to end the misery………….
    1. Sign on as unemployed and perhaps work on the black market
    2. Leave the country

    I took the second option and was lucky enough to be able to afford it at the time.
    It was that or live the life you are living and be denied access to the kids anyway. It was a hard choice emotionally but I have never looked back, and when the kids come of age they each have a nest egg that I have put aside for them.

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