Is there any way we can reduce these payments?

May 12, 2014

I’ve been with my oh for 6 years he’s payed on and off from when he was working & at mo not. She stop him seeing his child , he not seen her for 5 years now shes 8.

We also have a 4 year old disable child together ( cos of his age we cant claim DLA or anything till his 7 as cos of want he has may be able to be fix at that age ).

He trying his best to get back in to work but fining it very hard. when CSA kicks in again well their be any new rule for 2rd family’s, last time we was close to losing own home as we was paying £80 to her from his £200 wag. CSA REALLY DON’T GET A F**** FOR THE F*** OVER .

We start seeing a lawyer but then my oh got really ill ,lose his job ect ( that lawyer not closed no aid in own town at mo ).

I work but only 24 hrs i cant work any more as i’m part disable my self .I don’t want my family to be split up cos CSA she want talk to us about doing it out side of them.

We come up with a plain if he dose have to go so we can still keep the house , that is .if he goes i well claim as well out side of CSA and money well go in to his ( our sons ) saving account or that ill just give it back to him when it get payed to me.

I don’t want his money long hes a amazing dad like he is still.

Would that make a different in her payment? Any info to help us make the right move will help thank you.


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