Is there any way to stop the detachment and take this to court?

July 31, 2013

My ex-wife decided to get the csa involved 2 years ago, after i refused to give her a full months payment when the kids were staying with my mum half of that month.

i paid for dna tests (which is something i always said i would do if she got them involved).

and waited.

and waited.

and waited.

I was then told how much i would have to pay plus arrears, from when the case was first raised – NOT from when the children were proven to be mine.

To cut a long story short, after a year of turmoil caused by my ex wife, my partner and i split up and i relocated.

The ex-wife told me that she would call off the csa, as she knew i wouldnt be able to survive in my own place on minimum wage.

9 months later, there is a detatchment to earnings on my wage…

they did not have the correct address for me (the ex wife has) and because i had not contacted them, in response to letter they put the detatchment in place.

Funny thing is ……

I have had my eldest daughter live with me since February ……

And when they were originally told this, they really didnt give a damn.

i usually earn around £220 per week, as (fool that i am) i believed the ex-wife when she said nothing could be claimed for my daughter.

the detatchment reduces my wage to £160.

this doesnt even cover the household bills.

I have told this to them and they dont care. they said to put in a counter claim against the ex wife. For this i need the child benefit number.

considering they didnt make me aware i could even get child benefit until about 8 weeks ago, and that it can take 14 weeks to have the claim processed, doesnt matter to them.

the fact that they were chasing a frauduleant claim doesnt bother them.

they said they had now re-assessed after speaking with the ex, and had now conceded that my daughter lives with me.

without a chb number? hang on – they can cover themselves against fraud with dicky accounting, but i still cant put a counter claim against the ex-wife using the information they hold?

surely something is VERY WRONG here.

Is there any way to stop the detatchment and take this to court?

i will gladly do that and see what the judge says, as i have kept screen shots of a text conversation between myself and the ex wife where she states she will call them off and we will come to arrangement over any arrears and then changed her mind a month later (too late – now breach of contract), as I have one of my children and the ex wife has the other ….

There answer – NO – PUT IN A COUNTER CLAIM

And if i do, will I get to back date the claim to when i was finally given the right information?

what do you think?


  • Lisa says:

    Mate you need to ring complaints review, never ever speak to the contact centre, they will fob you off lie to you and make excuse after excuse to carry on taking your money, this is wrong 01912351024 this department will atually help you, good luck

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