Is there any way of the CSA controlling what my ex spends the money on?

July 29, 2013


IM phil 24 yrs old male, my ex is taking drugs and is one of those people who want everything free. i know full well she doesnt have the capability to deal with finances because to be fair she has over £1000 of debts and would rather buy weed (canibis) than to start buying for her child to be (not born yet. I know if i have to pay csa it will be spent on crap not things that will benifit our child. is there a way to pay the csa but to have the control do deligate what it must be spent on ?

i Wanted to get custody but children need their mothers and i dont want to take that experiance away from her, the question is what can i do?


  • GDB says:

    Wake up Phil.

    What kind of mother will she be smashed out of her head?

    This is about the child!

    Raise your concerns ASAP with a Social Worker – the poor child is being pumped full of drugs – this is not a good start to the unborns life.

    Get a fixed fee session from a Family Law Soicitor.

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