Is there a way not to pay CSA?

September 9, 2014

I’ll be honest i’m not a mum i’m a dad and i’ve come on here after searching how to get out of paying CSA.

Before you burn me at the stake hear me out, i just noticed most people seem to be hating on the dads etc but not ever situation is the same. My ex who i’ve been with since 16 until this year left me for someone else, we have 4 kids and i was kicked out as the house was in her name on the council.

For years i’ve paid all the bills etc but that didn’t seem to matter. I earn £1000 per month on basically minimum wage, we have 4 children and she wont arrange to settle the payments between us because her new fella doesn’t want her seeing me or something. (please note i’m not a tosser, i was never violent and always treated her with the respect she deserved. My only crime was spending too much time at work.)

Now she’s on social security or income support plus the DLA she gets for our youngest lad, housing benefits etc etc. Meanwhile i’m getting £250 a week and expected to pay £57 of that to her. I rent a crappy bedsit above a takeaway in Clayton and after paying the rent, gas, electric, water, council tax, food i’m left with pretty much nothing.

In fact i would be better off on JSA but then i’ll rot away in a bedsit never going anywhere or having contact with anyone but the jobcenter who will be trying to make me get a job that makes me worse of than on JSA due to CSA payments.

Adding insult to injury my ex refuses to give me regular access to the kids and i can’t afford to take her to court about it. So yes i was searching for a way out of paying, not because i don’t want to pay for my kids who i love dearly but because i can’t exist whilst paying it. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to escape it is to die…


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  • Gonk says:

    Fadela Seddini…you heartless cunt

  • Gonk says:

    Fadela Seddini…wipe that shit out your eyes and see this vermin the csa for what it really stands for…AND IT AINT ABOUT THE KIDS…..You fucking arsewipe grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Richard Gent says:

    What Jason Spurgeon has said on here is real wisdom. It is about thinking the long game and whatever happens, keeping the connections between you and your children and being reasonable with your ex no matter what.

    It is a tough situation to be in but don’t give up.

    Eventually, the children will grow up and they will see the truth for themselves.

    Best of luck Dan.

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