Is there a procedure for appealing a decision?

May 25, 2013

I have 3 children from previous marraige i have paid her for last 12 yrs an agreement between ourselfs it was a csa case at the start but i paid her direct.

My ex partner has taken me to the csa and ive provided the information they required and i also told them i pay for my other 2 children direct to my ex wife. They have worked out payments but my ex wife has had to go and make a claim as they said they cant look at her monies that i pay her due to there being a closed case. My ex then had to open a claim which was fine but the csa have said i have to pay my ex partner full money from her claim to when my ex wife put her claim in.

I have paid my ex wife her maintenance while its been sorted out but the csa say i owe my ex partner the full amount till the date my ex wife put her claim in i cant afford to pay all this out as ive paid my ex wife hers and im willing to pay my ex partner the money that i should pay that they have said but not the difference between the claims.

Its not fair and the woman on the phone all she wanted was my bank details or card payment but i refused as i want to appeal against this, is there anything i can do or am i screwed ? any help will be much appreciated thanks


  • Alice says:

    David – I am slightly confused over what the issue is … I think what you are saying is

    I gather you have 3 children from an ex wife – we will call her PWC 1 – there was a case open with csa but payments were made direct – the case at some point was closed and you continued to pay this PWC under a private agreement.

    you also have 2 further children to an ex partner – we will call her PWC2 – she has opened a case with the case was assessed on the basis of you being responsible for 2 QCs (qualifying children) – this would mean that you were assessed as having to pay 20% of your income (less any shared care allowance if you have these 2 children overnight)

    you have advised the agency that you are also paying for the 3 children with PWC1 and they have advised that in order that they be factored into the calculation PWC1 has since had to open a case with the agency so that your responsibility is shown to be for all 5 children – this means that the overall calculation is 25% of your income (less any shared care allowance on either/both cases where applicable) – PWC 1 would get 3/5th of the weekly liability and PWC2 would get 2/5th.

    You have kept up the payments to PWC 1 and are happy to pay PWC2 the lower amount – the problem is you are not happy to have to pay PWC2 the hihger amount for the time between her case being opened and PWC1 re-opening the case again … unfortunately as per the legislation the initial assessment on PWC2’s case will be valid, you will be liable to pay the higher amount for the weeks between her opening her case and PWC1 re-applying.

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