Is there a CSA calculator for the self employed?

January 9, 2013

I am self employed. I’ve been paying regular maintenance for my son ever since i split with my ex. Now she has gone to the CSA, god knows why, maybe she thinks she will get more from me. I did the calculator on the CSA website which stated i was liable to pay £12 per week, i was paying £50.

The CSA are asking me for my last tax return, how will they work out what i owe? Is there a calculator for the self employed?

The one on the CSA website seems to have changed. I have read on here that being self employed makes it difficult for the CSA, any advice welcome. Rgds, Mal.


  • Smithy says:

    The idea being that you *can* make it difficult for the CSA if you are self employed. The calculation is the same 15,20,25% of net income for 1,2,3 children. If you are happy to send them your tax returns then it should be fairly straight forward the problems come if your business is not doing so well and you need to vary it down, then maybe arrears build up and it becomes a bit of a nightmare.

    I would highly recommend banning them from phoning you by writing to them requesting they only contact you in writing and then you only write to them by recorded delivery. You need a paper trail for all your communications with this organisation as they will lie to you, try to trick you and be generally abusive on the phone. Have a look for another post of mine if you want the wording for the letter.

  • topper says:

    Your assessment calculation will be based on your NET figure, that is the figure that you are left with once HMRC have taken their bit from your Taxable profit figure.

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