Is my partner’s ex entitled to a percentage of the income from his business?

November 3, 2012

Self Employed Advice!

My partner has been paying his ex for the child they have together for some time now. It was an amount agreed between the two of them but she has recently decided she wants more and has taken us to the CSA. I am 100% against us funding her lavish designer lifestyle with sportcars thrown in when we barely get by on what we earn!

My husband declared a reasonable sum last tax year as we had a lot of larger contracts (something we no longer have) however the business was badly mismanaged and we have been advised by our accountant to go LTD (this we have done) my husband now pays himself a wage of £300 per week plus i get £150 per week for my contribution to the business (a lot).

What i really need to know is do the CSA still take the NET figure into account or the wage my husband recieves? as we are now a LTD business the excess earned after my husbands wage goes back into the business.I am also considering becoming joint director in the business, would that then mean she is only entitled to half of the income from that business?

I am not out to skank anyone, i have been on both sides but the figures CSA are producing just seem unjust, we would no way be able to pay her what we have found on the CSA calculator! I have called CSA for advice but they are not able to comment on self employed apparently.


  • Alice says:

    if your partner is a director of a limited company and receives a wages under paye then it would be his net wage that the csa use to base his maintenance liability on. this is assuming that his claim is under new rules. if your partner takes dividends over and above the salary he pays himself his ex could make application for a variation to the liability based on these dividends

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