Is it not a crime to withold information from the CSA?

August 20, 2015

My ex telling the CSA I havent paid for 4 years, I now owe £4500, I have paid this money directly to her. After 4 years constant payments to the CSA 2004-2008. Now I face wage arrestment, and the funny thing is, I have had one letter regarding this, which I phoned to ask for. I can prove most payments as through my bank, but some, a small amount can only be traced through her account, my sons name was the reference. She can prove these, yet doesnt have to, is it not a criminal offence to withold info from the CSA is it not?? this is only a brief discription of the problem. I will add, I live 200 odd miles from my son, yet make every attempt to spend time with him, weekends, school holidays.


  • Gonk says:

    Pretty much fucked over as usual mate by the ex and csa. I wonder if this
    Sarah Louise white will comment any thing positive in your favour and give you any sympathy???? WILL SHE FUCK!!! lol

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