Injured veteran to sue CSA

August 11, 2014

Dear Sir.Madam, I am a Veteran and served 22yrs in the Army, i expierenced different combat theatres which unfortunately has left me mentally and physically Injured.

I have 3 children who are all adults now and the particular case i am writint to you about is my son who i have never ever seen he lives in London with his Mother. Since he was born i have been payin CSA However he turned 18 last year in September.

I contacted the CSA approx a month ago and asked them why they were still taking CSA payments from my War Dissabillity pension since last Sept. In turn i recived a letter dated 05th August stating i still owed 1,529.19.

When i telephened and queried this there reply to me was that thay could only go back to 2010 with there records as thay had changed there computers and have no record of what and how much i have paid before that. There is no way on this earth that i owe them the Amount they are saying because it has always came out of my wages before i even got them.

When i was in the Army i was paying £384.00 Monthly. When i got out the Army the CSA was still taking this amount out of my £507.00 Service pension for year and a half. I was unemployed and this was the only income i was recieving so they forced me to live under the legal weekly requirement which was around £55 a week.

I tried in vain to get this sorted and in the end i had to go to my local MP under the advice of the Job centre i was using. I am now going to proceed to sue the CSA for its treatment of me then and now with this latest imaginary figure they have come up with. They owe me a years Money from September last year.