Independent case examiner and MP are no help against the CSA

December 23, 2012

Have been dealing with the CSA for over ten years. At one point they gave me a nil assessement and the case was closed for several years, however they then realised they had made a mistake and re opened the case holding me responsible for the backdated “debt” which was over 10,000.

My eldest is now working, and has been for four years however due to this “debt” which they admit was their fault (have it in writing) I am still paying for him. This financial pressure eventually led to the breakdown of my marriage, from whih I have two younger children and am now paying over £600.00 a month in “debt” and maintenance for my two youngest.

The financial breakdowns which you have to fight to get, never add up and are always more than you think, despite paying them for years (.. and years). Just sent another complaint, second one this year. Currently have the Independent case examiner and my MP on board but nothing helps.. so so exhausting but they have me over a barrell due to my employment. Still say I owe them over 5 grand. There are so many of us being done over surely the European courts could be brought in to this?????


  • chall says:


    Are the ‘arrears’ owed to the parent with care or the Secretary of State?
    If any arrears are owed to the PWC they can request for such not to be collected.

    When the CSA re opened the case, was liability calculated on old or new rules?

    Have you received any communication from ICE yet?


  • wilf says:

    cobra:- Did you receive a letter saying your case was closed?
    Many cases may have a nil assessment but that does not mean the case is closed.
    Did they reveal the nature of the mistake that had been made?
    Was the error the nil assessment or the closure?

  • John says:

    Have been through this scenario myself. Alleged arrears, because they made a mistake. Got M.P. involved, ICE, and I asked my M.P. to forward my case complaint to the Parliamenary ombudsman’s office.

    They are all as thick as theives, and they all conspired and colluded to ‘whitewash’ my complaints. To top it all the incompetent CSA then put a DEO on my income to rob me off £280 a month.

    I downloaded and cpmpleted a form to complain to the European courts, regarding my Human rights being breached. The ECHR have not acted, but at least I made them aware of what is going on.

    My suggestion would be, to write to Cameron, Clegg and Duncan-Smith, to make them aware of the shambolic state of the not fit for purpose CSA/CMEC. The more that do it, the more it embarasses the hell out them. You could try a tribunal appeal, but I found, that they were also rigged, to make the CSA mistakes fit, and cut off any chances of sucess of an appeal!

    I will never give up hope of getting this shambolic system scrapped, and a class action, to have all of those involved in corruption and theft being held to account in the courts!

  • brett says:

    Ive been stitched up by this shower of shit. Each and every one of them belongs in the sewer with the rats and other vermin down there.
    I wish all CSA staff every possible misfortune. They are total scum !

  • j says:

    “John on December 23rd
    My suggestion would be, to write to Cameron, Clegg and Duncan-Smith, to make them aware of the shambolic state of the not fit for purpose CSA/CMEC.”

    You have my every sympathy, I think many of us share similar experiences, they appear to be “all in it together” as cameron put it. It doesn’t matter which political party or which government organisation, they just want money. When the money is properly owed then fair enough, but the abuses by this disgusting tax collection organisation has resulted in people killing themselves!
    I don’t think writing to cameron and crew will help, when one of them (or a csa worker) gets shot then they might take notice.

  • John says:

    ” J “.

    I have written to them all, and I am no doubt a ‘marked man’, because I have dared to question the legality, and morality of their ‘flawed’ legislation.

    What happens, between me, my ex wife, and our children is our business. it has nothing to do with corrupt civil servants and politicians. The only reason that the CSA and politicians have set up an agreement basis of payment, is for their rich business friends!

    I will do anything and everything within the law to bring my complaints to a conclusion and expose this sham of a government agency.

    I think that harming anyone is a bit over the top!

  • j says:

    “John on December 24th, 2012 11:48 am

    ” J “.
    I think that harming anyone is a bit over the top!”

    I couldnt agree more, in fact I think all those responsible for the 60 odd suicides as a result of the csa should be brought to justice. That wont ever happen of course, if you, or I killed ourselves tomorrow then no one at the csa would give a damn. My point is that nothing will ever change until something drastic happens. Meantime just look at the rising number of ‘attacks’ against judges in the secret courts (family courts). The jig is up, their way of doing things is coming to a close, you can bully the people so much and then thay snap.
    I dont want to see ANYONE get hurt, not even a csa scumbag but I’m worried thats what will happen if things carry on as they are.
    You keep working, you have my respect and support, it is a ‘sham’ as you say and needs to be exposed, but it never will, write as many letters as you like but remember, they are “all in it together”.

  • David Bowman says:

    In response to some of the questions asked of my post
    1. I was given a nil asessement and case was closed, at no point did the CSA ever get a complaint from the PWC, the mistake in closing the case was only noticed when pwc made a claim for another child.
    2 The CSA admitted that they made a mistake in closing the case(closed for several years).
    3. ICE have done what they can and a few things have been resolved/agreed, however as I have noticed further discrepancies I have to complaint to the CSA all over again before ICE will look at it.
    I do wonder why the actions of this agency aren’t appearing in the news/press. Their powers far exceed their capabilities. It all stinks

  • John says:

    “j “, I agree that this shower, at the CSA, are out of control, incompetent, scumbags.

    The fact that they have cost so many their lives, many of whom, the press don’t give the full story, because they are in cahoots with the CSA. WE know the truth!

    I respect your views too, and you are right that we should keep working to pressurise everyone and anyone, who has, or is suffering at the hands of these criminals.

    The reason that i write, to voice my opinion is for evidential purposes, for as soon as the day comes that the Judiciary ‘wake up, and smell the coffee’ of corruption and collusion, then all of us will prevail in our fight for democracy, fairness and justice!

    Keep up the fight!

  • stuart says:

    look up the word independent.

    How can he claim to be this? Needs a new title.

    Just had his report back, which they have had a year!!! in it he claims to find all the notices for appeal sent to me the CSA could not find in 12 years!!!! Appeals i NEVER recieved.

    Do not trust this branch of DWP it is as corrupt as the CSA. The Ombudsman i suspect is in bed with them all.

    Corrupt and illegal and our MP’s allow it to happen.

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