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Incompetent CMS take what they want from me

I have recently been involved with the CMS who, I have found to be utterly incompetent. I was originally assessed 18 months ago which was incorrect as they had my salary lower than it actually was. Telephone call made to address the issue.

Assessment then completed and all payments made for the next twelve months. One of my three sons was then taken off due to age and I was reassessed again.

The wrong amount was given to me and a different one to my ex who then informed the CMS I hadn’t paid the correct amount. Deduction from earnings order applied to my salary which was £300 per month more than I was assessed at.

15 different amounts then given to both parties ranging from £160 – £1448 per month then, to make matters worse they tell me I had been assessed incorrectly 18 months ago which, I told them at the time and I now owe arrears of £3K.

Several admission by the CMS that they have made mistakes and they will sort this issues out.

This is till ongoing and they have now given me another amount which is different than the online assessment available on their site.

On top of this my ex has stopped me seeing my children due to her not liking my new partner. The CMS then increase her money as I don’t have shared access and finally the assessment is based on my gross salary yet taken from my net???

As you might expect there is a complaint lodged via my MP for maladministration.

Updates to follow on the complaint which I will be using to assist other disadvantaged fathers to put as much pressure on this government agency as possible.

2 thoughts on “Incompetent CMS take what they want from me

  1. Another person living in denial/ The only way the CMS can get things wrong is if the info they receive is incorrect. You say yourself they had your salary too low. Well news is it take a while for the new assessment to be worked out. That then gets backdated to correct the error, Which can lead to arrears amounts/ These can be negotiatiated and spread out over time to ease that burden. As for shared care, get a court order or work something out. All I read from this is you have made errors, haven’t really engaged with the CMS and now its everybody else fault. So you go running to your MP

  2. Just incase you can’t read, he has stated that he and his ex received 15 different assessed amounts with quite a large range.

    I myself received 3 in one week all of which were incorrect.

    The CMS are not fit for purpose, they cause more harm than good and ruin families (on both sides).

    Why? Because they earn 24% plus whatever other false charges they can claim.

    They are nothing more than organised and fraudlant debt collectors.

    Do yourself a favour and make arrangements between yourselfs and leave the incompetent vultures out of it.

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