Inappropriate Acceptance

March 22, 2012

My ex swore there was NO POSSIBILITY of her becoming pregnant. She offered to show documentation from doctors and specialists, but foolishly, I did not demand to see these. When she advised me she was pregnant, I made it abundantly clear I was not supportive of her continuing the pregnancy. SHE MADE THE DECISION TO GO AHEAD WITH THE PREGNANCY AGAINST MY WISHES. She has applied for child support.

The Blood Sucking Parasites have accepted her application. As a result, I have a Commonwealth Government department deducting child support payments every fortnight. I have challenged the decision, but my objection was unsuccessful. This is not acceptable! Surely it cannot be appropriate to continue to pay for a situation I had no say over. Doesn’t a man have any rights?

To my mind, when she made the decision to go ahead against my wishes, she assumed full responsibility for the child.


  • Cathie says:

    I can understand you don’t feel it is fair to be forced to pay. But have you seen your child? If so, do you like him/her? If you cannot get away with paying, I think it is better you try to love him/her.

  • Carol says:

    It is a bit unfair when these things. Do you have any doubts about paternity of the child?

    Unfortunately now you are in the CSA system there will be no escape for you unless you can come to some form of agreement with the mother.

  • Jo says:


    You had sex with her, your sperm met her egg. 50/50 responsibility. Love your child and pay for it. like the decent and manly thing to do.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    It takes two to make a child and you are one, the father.
    If you don’t pay for your child, who should?
    Pensioners, the unemployed, members of this forum?

    You are a father,make the most of it.

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