Inability to pay child maintenance

November 28, 2010

I have 5 children with 2 ex wives and 1 ex partner. I have always not only kept in touch with all my children but also see them on a regular basis at least once a week or when my work allows. I regularly had my two daughters (from 1 of the wives) every weekend despite the fact that I have been declared bankrupt due to monetary problems and am now back living with my parents.

This particular ex wife has now contacted the CSA despite my having the girls every week end, and is also refusing to let me see my daughters. This is because whilst I was out of work for 2 months I did not pay her anything, the Csa are now claiming that I must pay £600 per month to clear the arrers for the next year. I am a chauffeur with a company that gives me jobs on a daily basis and although it is possible that I will earn around £1,600 in a month it is equally likely that I will earn less than £800. My guaranteed income before tax is £260 per week.

Can you tell me how I am supposed to pay all this money if I literally haven’t got it and cannot earn it? Am I supposed to go begging on the streets to pay for food while I am waiting for the CSA appeal to go through? This would obviously have a detrimental effect on my job, I cannot go to work looking like a beggar, but if the CSA and my ex wife wants this to be the case then that is what I will have to do. There has to be another answer. I have tried phoning the CSA and telling them to contact my employer to verify the facts but they will not listen to me at all. The other fact that really depresses me is that I am now not able to see my children and I will have to go to court about this, just because of a vindictive ex wife who realised that she could get a better deal from the CSA if she declares that I don’t ever have the girls over night.

The other point that also depresses and angers me is that my sister has 3 children by 1 ex husband and 1 ex partner and has never been able to claim a penny from either one. This is because neither of them see their children and the CSA declare that they cannot find them” This has been the case for 19 years now. It seems that if you genuinely try to be agood father you are pumnished and penalised unmercifully, whereas if you ignore your parental responsibilities the CSA and the government clap their hands in admiration. I will never give up trying to see my girls but where on earth can I get enough money to pacify the CSA and my wicked ex wife?


  • Allan Morrell says:

    Dont provide the money just keep getting reassessed by sending wage slips in to CSA… demand they send you the prepaid envelopes… use a BT line to contact CSA… it's free!!!!!!!Demand their evidence of financial breakdown from date period referred to by yourself!!!!!!!You have to provide evidence or they will just continue to demand and they'll play all their nasty games, also report to your solicitor the cercumstances wher referred to contact arranged by law courts in your favour!!!!Other guys on here can provide the advice u seek!!!!!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    I expect about 30-40 reassessments to be carried out a year in future…. I intend to use the law to full effect! Not going to much £££'s on offer but a lot of admin and hassle for the PWC and CSA….

  • Jim Rigley says:

    Dont ask for financial breakdown, ask for actual auditable accounts that are audited by the Natinal Audit Office…. bet you they cant.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Received a statement of account yesterday, difficult for me to understand since what they demand off me in assessments is greater than that shown on my statement… useless *****!!!

  • Pauline Brown says:

    As a woman, i do not want to condemn another with my mouth but as i think it i have to say………..Your ex-wife is horrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbbbbbbbbble and if you are out of work, then she should support you for those two months and take care of the children, FULL STOP. The CSA in this particular case are terrible and i feel for you, Jesus some women and people have no compassion and their anger and resentment runs so deep, you paid before no problems, you run unto a little difficulty and she kicks you when you are down, not all women are like that and i honestly have never used the Csa and would never want too. Adults should be able to conduct their lives accordingly and put the children first, CSA WEAPON OF CHOICE FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, DISGUSTING. Fight on, God does not sleep!

  • Pauline Brown says:

    Plus money is not a tool in determinaning whtehr you see your children or not, as she should be thanking you you that you managed to get another job, and trying to appease the situation, what if you could never wok again god forbid! What would she do then? Does she work? I have a feeling this woman is experiencing feelings of grandeur and has power over you by using the system! Some mothers do not get anything and some fathers do not care at all about their children, lucky is the word that comes to mind and SPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIITTTTTEEEEFUUUL, let it go to court and tell the judge how she is behaving and the judge will surely slap her hard for her beahviour as she has no right to deny you your children just because you were out of a job. Some woemn give decent women a bad name

  • Christopher Lee Witcher says:

    Dont move to superior, wi!!! I spent the better half of ten years in and out of jail for childsupport rears. no drivers licence, a prison term, parole, trips in and out of their jail, several felonys. due to all that crewl punishment i cant get a job with my criminal record, no DL, cant own a car to get work. and the bitch of it all is… NOT ONE VISITATION!!!!. now the deadbeat mother Amanda Chammings passes away Sept, 16 of 06' so the courts termanated my rights of parentage. So now i did all that time for NOTHING. I need to get off here sorry if i didnt help. but bottom line… did the courts and childsupport dept help my son?

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    If Pauline and Angela have partners i really hope they know how lucky they are because all NRP's on here will be green with envy. You and women like you are what makes great Briton GREAT and i'm irish

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    My husband always says he wishes I was his ex wife. Don't quite know how to take that ;-p

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