I’m worried the CSA are pushing my partner over the edge

July 14, 2014

Hi I really need some help, My partner is being screwed royally over his CSA Payments and i am worried that it is going to push him over the edge. He recently moved employers he notified the CSA and then his employers who sent letters to the CSA saying that this was to update his payments. My partner also rang them three times to check they had the details which they said they did and that they were reviewing his situation to see if his payments were to change.

A few weeks later he got a letter saying that they had reviewed his case and that no changes were going to be made. We thought great all sorted, how wrong we were they didn’t take the first months payment out of his wages from his new employer. He rang the HR of his new company and his old company and they said they had not had any instructions from CSA even though they had contacted them, so my partner again rang the CSA and the guy said dont worry it will be taken the next month it takes a while to set it up. The guy confirmed at the CSA on the phone that everything was in order and that it was all set up. Come the next month and still no payment is made, so my partner again rings the CSA who now turn round and say his case has not been updated since 2010 and that he owes backpay of 3k in arrears. This is even though we have letters saying they have reviewed his case and that nothing will change.

To cut a long story short we need some help and advice as honestly i am worried about how much more my poor partner can cope with, the child he pays money for he is not allowed to see, he has another child and step child that he looks after and pays maintenance for but they say that does not matter even though i know they have worked out his monthly payments wrong. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


  • jo says:

    Csa were like this to my husband until I took over, we got our mp involved and complained to the highest level. I had them in circles, csa accused us of lying when we had proof. They do not like it when you play them at their games.

    From now on never ring them, write a letter of complaint with as much detail and dates as you can, demand a breakdown of these alledged arrears and then send an email to your mp with back-up of your letter.

    Is the other child on a private agreement? If so csa will not acknowledge this (I’m not sure on new system coming into force) so might be wise if she went through csa aswel so both kids calculated. If there is a child in your home then a % deducted also, make sure they also have this information.

    Don’t let them win!

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