I’m struggling to pay £70 a week – is this the right amount?

December 21, 2013

I split up with my wife in may 2011 ,we have 3kids who now live with there mother and I hav them 2nights/day a week , she has now moved in with her new boyfriend on his farm and the family home is empty as I hav my own rented property.

Am pretty sure that money I give to ex wife £70 is paying mortgage on family home which I agreed to move out of when we broke up.

As I’m on an IVA at moment am struggling to pay the £70 a week and just wanted to know if this is what I should be paying.


  • Bill says:

    If your income is 392 pounds,net per week,yes.

  • jo says:

    If you’re on iva shouldn’t you only being paying 5.00? Do you have a case open with the csa? You need to find out what is happening with your former home especially if your name is on the deeds/contract because if it is you can legally move back in!

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