I’m struggling to give the children what they need

September 26, 2013

im only getting csa for 1 child. The child, I had 2 children with my ex. why aint I getting csa for both children I phoned up about this 2 years ago, and still aint had no payment, he works off the papers so he is fine to start paying for his children. it not fair as im stuggling to give them the things they seek. I want it back dated from the time my son was born 7 years ago.


  • Richie says:

    Money grabbing £@$% !

  • Gonk says:

    Go out and find a job. The kids ain’t a means of providing you with an income. You get this vermin involved and your ex will see you get nothing, specially if he’s self employed.
    I hope you get nothing.harsh yes… But you sound like a money grabber that sees the kids as cash cows

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