I’m so confused by these stop-start payments

January 24, 2014

I have tried for seven years to get a regular payment from my children father it has always been hit and miss and taken months to sort due to him lying saying he had been seeing the kids when he hadn,t and getting the seventh off for it, but recently he hadn,t worked for 9 months and i began to receive 5 pound a week from his benefit payment but that stopped in october when i informed csa he had joined the army as this is what he said!

So i thought the payments had stopped due to this but i have just been ask by the csa to phone the fraud squad as his claim has still been live through this period but today i phoned the csa again and they spoke to the benefits people and they said his circumstances have changed and the benefit say he doesn,t have to make a payment.

How does this work i,m so confused . he did have twins with a new partner in june but i kept receiving payments up until the 1st of october . Any ideas why benefits would say that he doesn,t have to make any payment . he also owes over a thousand pounds in arrears from previous times when he worked.


  • Lisa says:

    OMG another woman who expects to live at everybody elses expense, get a bloody job, sponger

  • Bill says:

    I’ve no idea why you are confused.
    You’ve explained quite succinctly why the payments have been stop start.
    First there was the disagreement regarding shared care, then he lost his job, was in receipt of benefits and finally the Benefits Agency made a decision that it would be detrimental to his present family to continue to make deductions from benefits for maintenance.
    The CSA thought he was committing fraud because you informed them incorrectly that he had joined the army.

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