I’m sick to death with the CSA

May 9, 2013

You can slate me all you want i could not careless. I’ll try make it quick as possible. Since i was 16 ive worked everyday of my life, at 22 i had my child – always said i would work to get a better life for him. My son is now 3 year old, the dad only see’s him once a week. Not my choice – his!
Ive alway believed parents should do their fair share… Provide, taking the child to help out the other parent. But the father is the complete opposite. Im not trying to bring him down in anyway im just saying im constantly out of pocket for my son – ive had to put him in nursery full time so i can work and go to college to finish off my hnd as i want to open my own business one day. All the clothes, food, nappys, formula, everything from the day my son was born has came out my bank account. To the point i ended up in debt when my son was 1. Paid off they debts in 5/6 months and promised myself that would never happen again.
Off the top off my head his father has only paid csa 6-7 times. Hes been in n out of jobs, some of the jobs lasting over 4 months. Everytime ive phoned csa they have always phoned me back saying hes not finically able to make a one off payment when he has been working and most likely to be paid. The arrears are well over £2000 November 2010 – 1st payment December 2010 – 2nd payment January 2010 – 3rd payment May 2011 – 4th payment September 2011 – 5th payment September 2012 – 6th payment

Ive complained to csa umpteen times even went to my mp who was amazing. I am going back to my mp due to csa attitude towards myself on the phone. I phoned csa in september to be told oh he stopped the standing order. Why is this allowed?! Then january i phoned because no payments again. The woman said “wel text you when payments will be paid into the account every month/week!” fair enough better idea because i dont check my bank account everyday. The father was out of work. I questioned him about this and his reply “i cant afford to live!!” Hense why he doesnt want to work now!

Everything i do is for my child and would always be for him! When you earn 3000 a month, still stay at your parents, dont drive etc im sure you can manage an extra 20/30 to pay off arrears!

I recieved a letter from csa in march to say payments of £5 a week would be paid into the bank account…. Last week i found it strange as i remembered i would receive a text i phoned to find out why i hadn’t receive this text. Change in circumstances of his benefits cant tell u anything else. What use is that to me?! Hes been on benefits since october last year and not received 1 payment.

Im sick to death with csa, their excuses, not only r they making the nrp look bad they r looking down on the pwc because all they are trying to do is put a meal on the table!!


Back to the MP i go!! The only way you can get something done with this mob is by going to your mp. Never been fobbed off so much in my life


  • eddie says:

    sounds like there is a lot of bitterness left……….

    looking after a child is a full time job and comes with lot of benefits but also a lot of sacrifices…. Who wants to slate you. However from lots of threads and personal experience from the other side going down the csa route only leads to misery for both parents and inevietably its the child that suffers. There has to be a fairer way and I am trying to start a group to deal with the unfairness and misery that a one formula fits all approach brings. If you are interested contact me at [email protected] it would be good to have this from both the NRP and PwC perspective. There is a lot of support financially available for single mums (I m not trying to demean the cost and sacrafices made) But NRPs are expected to foot most of the bill when the separation means that other costs are incurred. The whole system is unfair and the only people that suffer are the children. A fairer assessment system needs to be in place so as fathers (or NRPs as we are lovingly called) can meet their legal obligation but still have a life above the poverty line.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    I agree with steady Eddie.. The CSA only chase and harass the NRP who already pay. They do not have the resources to chase up fathers who avoid paying. The CSA has collection targets to meet to ensure they are paid bonuses. That is why they continue to harass NRPs who are already paying and dream up fictitious arrears/debts. If there was a fair amount agreed upon how much it costs to bring up a child per week, divided by two as the children are a JOINT responsibility this would be more palatable to NRPs.This would also need support from responsible mothers/PWC as a lot of bitter women use the CSA as a weapon. In my case I had a private agreement but my ex started trouble when I moved on with my life a year after our split and contacted the csa and lied by saying she was receiving no money from myself. I provided bank statements to support my case but she was allowed to use the csa as it ‘was her right’. After seven years of using the agency and causing me untold grief she is finally receiving the amount I was paying her in a private agreement years ago.. This beggars belief.
    Most responsible fathers already pay, but also some have second families also to support. If the responsible fathers paid direct to PWC the amount of money saved from cutting down the staff at the agency or indeed even closing it down could be paid to the pwc in a benefit of some sort, again using the agreed amount agreed for the upbringing of the child. In my opinion (and thousands of others) the Child support Agency IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE…

    Good luck with your case.

  • Sally says:

    Well said Mike… CSA staff come on here touting for business, trying to promote the benefits of using the CSA by siting what the CSA rules, legislation etc says…
    However, one such CSA employee who does this is ‘Alice’ the daughter of a benefit cheat (by her own admission)…. Is it any wonder we are in such a dire situation???

    Only the CSA would employee liars, thieves and reprobates and get away with it….

  • mike hunt says:

    Oh come on Sally.. That’s not my real name..lol

    We some way of getting this out in the open.. Any ideas. Thought of the epetition thing but it needs to be spot on as so many csa petitions are rejected and there are loads already on the gov site. They get a few votes but because there are so many it is watering down the issue of the agency not being fit for purpose or to be disbanded. We need a way of getting the message out that the csa are dishonest and corrupt etc. We have tried several avenues (see my story on here I am at the end of my tether) and are thinking of taking it to the papers.. Jane Moore – The Sun maybe?? We have heard there is a media blackout on CSA stories.. How many stories on here?? How many aricles/stories about the CSA do you read in the newspapers??

    Get your thinking caps on people.. Maybe a mass demo??

  • Sally says:

    @ mike lol and you won’t be surprised to hear that my name isn’t Sally lol lol

    No-one will commit themself (famous people) as it means going against the government … 🙁

  • Alice says:

    Lets just correct Sally there -when she says

    However, one such CSA employee who does this is ‘Alice’ the daughter of a benefit cheat (by her own admission)…. Is it any wonder we are in such a dire situation???

    The ‘daughter of a benefit cheat’ issue is something that Macon has decided on – my mother was NOT a benefit cheat. Macon has decided that my mother claimed Child Benefit fraudulently when I attended college and stayed in college accommodation – her claim was perfectly legal, but Macon has decided that it was not …

    perhaps Sally should re-read the tread in which this arose before stating ‘by her own admission’ and perhaps she should contact the CHB office and ask the relevant question as to whether a parent can claim CHB whilst their child is in college and living away from home 5 nights per week

    Also I do not come on here ‘touting for business’ I answer questions with factual information and not false hope

  • Sally says:

    @ Alice – very few people on here believe a word you say…. you DO NOT PROVIDE FACTUAL INFORMATION!!!

    If you did you would WARN people of the trouble the idiots who work for the CSA cause with their attitude, stupidity and lack of knowledge!!! FACTUAL information is NOT words on a page, it’s real life situations!!!

    No matter how well written the rules are, CSA STAFF don’t apply them and YOU come on here promoting the CSA by the very fact that advise people what ‘should’ happen according to the ‘rules’, ‘legislation’ but the FACT is that STAFF don’t follow them and as a result, THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of NRP’s AND PWCs are suffering!!!

    The staff at the CSA are only interested in meeting targets set by the government and will do whatever it takes (including lying, fabricating information, making up false arrears – FACT), that is why there are so many complaints!!! YOU are one of those members of staff as far as i’m concerned Alice…. you do NOT have a decent bone in your body or you wouldn’t come on here ‘advising’ people without giving them ALL the information – including the pitfalls of dealing with the CSA!!!

    I believe 100% that YOU do not represent a true reflection of what happens as a CSA employee!!! You are brainwashed into believing that you are doing the right thing and ONLY reply to problems you can promote the CSA ‘rules’ on…. open your eyes!!!

  • Lisa says:

    @ Sally, Alice will always stick around, she is probably paid to get more mums to ring CSA keeping targets of ficticous arrears and payments met, without these she wouldt get that all important bonus, the CSA employees seem to forget we “the tax payer” pay her wages, she is a brainwashed idiot who doesn’t know right from wrong, she should be ashamed

  • Sally says:

    @ Lisa, You are right and she should be ashamed but she is not and it really does disgust me that she (and others like her) belive what she is doing is acceptable…. she is completely blinkered and is very selective about the issues she responds to because she knows that the other ones (she ignores) prove what a farce the CSA is.

    She might have read the rules and legislation from cover to cover but she just doesn’t seem to understand (like the rest of the idiots who work for the CSA) that they are dealing with people!!. CSA staff (including Alice) are knowingly (and willingly) destroying peoples lives and they are too greedy (for their bonus) to do the decent thing…. and do their job properly and HELP the decent, honest NRP’s and PWC!!

  • John says:

    Remember the words ‘ Restorative Justice’.

    It’s coming the CSA’s way some time soon, and all CSA victims will see justice done, for the way that the CSA have/are demonising and criminalising parents, in what are private family matters.

    What happens between parents regarding their children, has got nothing to do with a run for profit company run by incompetent staff, repeatedly breaking the law.

    I hope that the Serious fraud Office raid offices and make arrests.

  • Macon says:


    You are making the rules up on child benefit where does it say you can stay away from the child benefit claimant house for 5 days a week I have already put up the rules and for your benefit hear goes again

    has lived away from you for more than 56 days in any 16 week period
    is expected to live away from you for more than 8 weeks
    is expected to be in hospital or residential care for 12 weeks or more because they’re ill or disabled, and you will not be regularly spending money on them
    This works out at 3.5 days per week at home so your mum was a cheet an you know it DAUGHTER OF A BENIFIT CHEET !!!!!!!!

  • Macon says:


    You own word stayed 150 mils away from your home when you were at college and if you phone child benefit 56 days at home in a 16 week period and agin have tripped yourself up by saying its ok to spend 5 days a week away after 11 week you are a cheat !

  • Macon says:


    A simple yes or no if my kid was at collage 150 miles away stayed ther 5 days a week my ex was in recite of child benifit because of this and he stayed with me for the othe 2 nights would I still have to pay my ex 15 % of my wages minus 2/7 deduction for him staying with me for the 2 night a yes or a no thank you ?

  • wilf says:

    Here’s patronising not collage, a group of found pictures amalgamated to make a work of art, but college, an educational institution, not recite, to repeat verbatim a piece of prose or poetry, but receipt, an acknowledgement a sum of money has been paid.

  • Sally says:

    @ wilf – were you drunk when you typed this 🙂 lol 🙂

  • gonk says:

    well spoken Sally..Alice why don’t you fuck off from this site forever..you are CSA robot put on her to spout their shit and legislation and grease their money machine so it robs robs robs. Fatual information..lol…and what a load of bollocks that factual info is and as far as the false hope…lol…The fucking CSA give us 2 hopes…Bob Hope and No Hope.Go

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