I’m sick of dealing with these robots

May 27, 2014

I have two beautiful children and they are my life, I have been paying through a private agreement with my ex which I have proof of.

Last year we got divorced and she sold the marital home to her friend so she could then rent it back off her and claim housing benefit, which she was turned down for until she got the local MP involved and then boom she can claim it, its all about the money for her!!!

I then get letter from the CSA stating she has asked them to get involved and take the money through them, I was left numerous messages on my mobile, to which I contacted the CW and advised he needed to contact me on a different number or at work, this never happened.

I was then advised by my workplace that the CSA had been in touch to see what I got paid, so I just waited to see what dropped on the doorstep in regards how much they said I should pay!!! I have been paying my ex £80pm of which she has never complained about.

I didn’t receive any letter for 2 months and then that was after the CSA sent all my personal details to an open fax machine in my office at work that is used by over 25 other people including Temp staff and contractors!! CLEAR BREACH OF DATA PROTECTION…

I have since received my letter after I have sent in a formal grievance/complaint regarding this breach, to which I have received a letter stating they will look into it and contact me within 15 days.

I got a call yesterday to actually go through my details so they can work out how much I should be paying because as per my letter I need to pay £152pw as my ex has told ive only paid her £376 ever and also I only have by children 1 night a week when I have them a min of 2 nights per week and have since we split.

I advised this to the CW at the CSA who said can you prove you have the children more than 1 night a week, to which I advised NO as I didn’t think I had to!! he then said even if you could I doesn’t mean we will change it anyway it’s up to us!! and we will base it on that.

I then advised I have a 6 month Son living with me to which he said I had to prove as well.

I advised that there is no way I can pay that amount of money as that would leave me in debt and unable to pay for my mortgage and provide for my son and my 2 children when I do have them, that apparently is unfortunate!!! and the money is going to be deducted from my salary at source anyway so I have no say anyway.

I worked out while listening to this robot.. after all my out goings which includes the money I have been paying my ex I will have £47 to live on for the month that wont even pay for the petrol to go and pick up and drop my children off.

I asked regarding the complaints I had put in but the CW seemed to skip over that, as if the breach in DPA is a common occurrence and they don’t care.

I am sick with worry that she will hide my kids from me as she has done this before when she spits her dummy out, and with the money they are starting to take I will be getting myself in debt and am scared I will lose everything.

I don’t know what to do or where to turn, I’m considering ending it all, but I love my children so much I could never do that to them, but I’m on the brink of having a meltdown.

Any help or advise would be greatly received.

Thanks for reading/ listening


  • Pb says:

    This is so sad 🙁 gather all your information and your evidence together and go and see your MP. Do this as a matter of urgency. Although your actual assessment isn’t negotiable, any arrears accrued ARE negotiable and you should be able to discuss this with a CW. Good luck and hope your children are not affected by all of this s

  • Tazaroo76 says:

    Join the group CSA ripoffs on Facebook, they have a full step by step guide that you can follow, please do not give up hope, there are people on this page who can help you. Good luck x

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