I’m scared I won’t get to see my kids much anymore

December 29, 2013

I live in Scotland and my two kids live in northern Ireland. i get the ferry over two get them three times a year and i drive over 200 hundred miles two get too the ferry and go over to Ireland and pick them up and straight back again . i dont get too see them as much as i would like IE most weekends and school holidays.

I only see them 25 days a year but if they lived a lot closer i would see them more so my payments would not be as high going by the csa calculator. Is there any way i could get it reduced because of my traveling as its getting a bit of a struggle and i’m scared i might never see my kids as much as i would like. My ex lives with someone and they just bought a new car so its not like they have no money. and i live on my own because i dont think i could afford anyone i just work and live for my kids.