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I’m paying maintenance but not allowed to see my daughter

Ok, so hi im James and here is my story,okay, so about 13 years ago,the girl i was dating got preagnat,in tunica ms,we found out,she was living with her dad abusive home,her mom and dad divorced,she stayed with her dad until,i begged her to go live with her mom,in fresno ca,because i didnt wamt the baby to get hurt,ok we stayd in contact mabee,3 months,then *poof* nothing,okay here is the kicker,i took a dna test when my babys momma,moved back to ms,and in the same town,i have begged,and begged,just to see my daughter,well i dont know what to do,i dont have money for a lawyer,i have payed ,(and Never have got to claim her on taxes ,nothing,ita clear she doesnt want me in her life, ok i get that,but why must i pay and pay and nothing,any advice can help.

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  1. James I am sorry about your awful story. This is so common and sad that it makes me wonder much about the terrible degradation in our society.

    Unfortunately, women are empowered to treat men this way because of how society is governed and the only way to get redress is to enforce your legal right. They cannot see that they are hurting their own children in the process. Many are selfish. That is one reason why so many young people in society are disaffected and turn to crime. They do not know their fathers.

    The application will incurs a cost for you. You need to seek a contact order from the court by making an application for the same. You can also ask the court to grant you parental responsibility for your child if you do not already have this. This gives you a say in how your child is brought up, gives you access to school reports etc etc. Contact me further if you want help with this.

    Children grow up very quickly so please do not waste time on this. Act today. Contact me NOW if you want help.

    All the best.

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