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I’m paying for a child who lives with me and my ex isn’t even getting the money!

my son came to live with me on the 21st of august this as a result of a abusive step father. it has been agreed with social services and his mother that he stays with me and to sort schooling out etc which i have done.

ive informed the csa of this , but they still take money out of my wages but are banking it as my sons mother keeps saying this is only tempoary, until she sorts herself out. shes also told this to the child benenfit people, which the csa are saying i need before they can stop money been taken off me. so for the past 3 months ive had no money for my son from his mother, child benefit, and the csa child support agency which is for supporting children are taking the money off me which is for my son who now lives with me ,

they have also said i cannot claim off his mother till my case is closed and then my application will start from the i apply even though they are aware of the date he came here , they are not paying his mother just banking the money they take from me. so his mother is getting away without supporting our son for how long who, knows.

ive have rang them again and wrote to them last week also sending a copy of the letter from social services that i have , seems to me they support the mothers and not the fathers , all i want is to be able give my son a good standard of living but getting what hes entitled to is taking forever

mr s watson

2 thoughts on “I’m paying for a child who lives with me and my ex isn’t even getting the money!

  1. Sounds all very complicated but let me put you straight on a few things. If you child is under 12 the courts will not listen to the child but more so the social services. If however the child is 12 or over then the courts will listen to the child. So if the child says to the judge I want to live with my dad then this is normally the route the judge will take. Giving you full custody. You then send this custody order to the child benefit people and they will start paying you the child benefit. This in effect will close the csa case down and you won’t pay any more monies to your ex. You then at the same time apply for a new claim for monies against your ex through the csa.
    You could ask the judge to back date the custody order if you can prove you have been looking after the child in the said given time
    This will then give you the rights to claim monies you have already paid up to a certain date
    Get yourself a solicitor and get the court date set for custody but make sure the child is willing to say he/she wants to live with you
    Hope this helps and good luck
    The whole process could take any where from 2 months to 6 months depending on evidence and when ya can get court date

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